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Misinformation from Barclays Rep and Investigations

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In May, I checked my Credit Karma report and was shocked to see that both of my scores had sharply dropped.  I looked at the explanation as to why and it stated that I had missed a payment but the amount due was 0 and the outstanding balance was 0.  I called Barclays and spoke to a very nice agent who was as confused as I was.  After some time, she escalated the call to investigations who after quite some time confirmed that Barclays had made an error.  After more then 2 hours on the phone, the Barclays rep said that they would contact the credit agencies and let them know a mistake had been made and to correct my report.  Ok, cool.

Yesterday, I received a letter from Barclays credit disputes group that stated that no the missed payment information is correct and they could not change my report.

I immediately called Barclays’s and spoke to another rep.  So, turns out I did indeed miss a payment for $4.00 and that they did report it.  Ugh!  I’m an idiot. 😳

So, here’s the thing.  A Barclays’s Rep and their investigations did in May tell me it was their error and they would correct it.  I spent over 2 hours on the phone with them that day.  The Rep yesterday confirmed that she heard the recording of that call and that the wrong information was given.  She said I should write the FCRA group and tell them what happened and perhaps they will grant an exception.  

Question, do I have any hope in getting this reversed since I did miss the freaking $4.00 payment, but they provided the wrong information in my first call? 

I really don’t want to waste any more time on this if I’m screwed with this stupid mistake.



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I'm puzzled why your first step in investigating this wasn't to review your mailed or online statements.  A reported delinquency isn't just a missed payment, but a payment received 30 days or more after your due date.  It would stand out like a red flag.


Attempting a goodwill request to remove this black mark isn't "wasted" time, success or fail.

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