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National Credit Systems collection help

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Long time lurker, first time poster.  I worked on rebuilding my credit for years and this board was so helpful to me.  I didn't post, but I read a lot.  So now I come to you for help.


My son and his girl friend rent an apt and I co-sign.  They move out at the end of their lease and the apartment says they owe $1300 due to not giving 60 days notice.  I talked to an attorney that specializes in tenant/LL disputes and he said it was probably legal under the law in my state.  So I try to work it out with the apartment company, but they were very hard to get in touch with.  They promised that a supervisor was supposed to call back, but that call never came.


Fast forward to collection letter from National Credit Systems of Atlanta, GA.  I reached out to my old credit repair guy that helped me get rid of a bunch of JDB back in the day and he did a DV.  The CA sent a copy of the lease and the last invoice.  But, neither of them had my name or even a reference to me on it.  The OC is very disorganized and they probably lost my co-signer paperwork, as I was not on the lease.  What made me mad was the CA used the words " Your dispute has been investigated; however, we have yet to find sufficient evidence to validate your claim(s)."  And attached paperwork without my name anywhere on it!


It hits the big 3 CRA yesterday.  So I immediately dispute each one and upload a copy of the DV letter with the lease and final bill and state that it is clearly not my debt.


So my question to the group is what else should I do.  The CA ignored my letters challenging the debt, the apartment company won't talk to me, and I have challenged the CRA TL.  Is there anything else I should do?

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"lost my co-signer paperwork, as I was not on the lease" ??? this makes no sense.


stop using online disputes. stop using a CRO. what does your paperwork from the lease say about reporting to CRAs?


what is the specific basis of your dispute?


what is the SOL for this type of debt?

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In response to a DV, the collection agency has no obligation to prove anything to you.  


If you got the name and address of the OC and the amount they claim is owed, you got what they're obligated to provide.  I'd be surprised if the copy of the lease and the invoice didn't contain all of the required data.


A "credit repair guy" should know this.  I hope you didn't pay him anything.



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