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I’m trying to rebuild my credit which is 400’s, need you guys help.

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So I’ve been reading the boards here and ordered myself a Secured 300$ Card, opened up a personal lender 12 month loan plan.
my credit score is 480, I have some things ruining my credit

2 medical bills in collection agencys
Phoenix Financial Services 1.5k
Medical Data Systems 1K

There is no way I owe 1.5k, all I remember is going to the ER and the doctor came in to check on my back, all he did was push on my back a bit, I had hurt my back that day, then gave me some ibuprofen.

No idea what the other 1K one is.

Then I have the real hurter
Discover Finiacial Services, 800$, Charge Off’s filed each month for years.

I had a discover card, I paid it on time for 2 years, then I couldn’t afford it and it started doing C/O’s,

What do I do with this one? Anyway to pay them to delete the COs? I have to wait 3 more years for it to fall off my report.

Any other cards I should try to get, or credit building things?

I think my best bet is to wait out discover, and try to follow the HIPAA thing with the medical things

I am kinda bitter with discover, I had a 500$ limit I spent all 500$, but paid each month on time, but the interest or late fees whatever it was, I gave them like 500$ back already, but could never get it back to 500/500$ now I owe them 800$ sigh

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Posted (edited)

Welcome to CB!


First, lets start with the Medical bills. There is a Medical Bill section here on the forums, there are some great people in there that can help with those types of collections. 


Discover, now there a tough nut to crack. I was in the same boat, had a 450.00 charge off with them. They refused to do a PFD. I still paid it off, as yes I owed the money. At this point, I would say it is minimally impacting your score. 


The recent collections is whats most likely hurting you. Where I would start is cleaning those up, getting a couple of secured cards (Cap One, BofA, Wells Fargo), and put as much money at each of them as you can for your credit lines. Pay them religiously, don't miss a payment. 


Good luck. Hopefully some more people will chime in with additional feedback. 

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welcome to CB!


in addition to what AlabamaSteve said, make sure you're looking at real FICO scores not "fake" credit scores.


is the discover card CO out of SOL for you state?

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Paying off a 5-year-old collections account (Discover) could do you more harm than good.  Discover is not known for doing a pay-for-delete.  



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