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Mortgage Late Deletion - Multiple Approaches But Trying To Minimize Unintended Consequences

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There is one 120 day mortgage late remaining on two of my credit bureaus. I am trying to figure out the best approach to remove the late while best avoiding unintended consequences. Lates the current servicer stopped reporting for some unknown reason a while ago, could be added back.




1.   TL is open and is my current mortgage servicer.


2.   DOFD over 7 years ago and actual 120 day late remaining occurred 3 years ago.


3.   The 120 was the last late of a string of lates never brought current spanning four years and four servicers.


4.   All other servicer TL's and their lates in the string automatically deleted by all 3 bureaus at around 6.75 years after DOFD.


5.   Current servicer at some point prior to the auto deletion, apparently broke the chain of lates by only reporting the last late and not the other six prior lates during their servicing.     


6.   When current servicer broke the chain, they apparently stopped reporting the DOFD . I just phone verified with both bureaus there is NO DOFD reported for the 120 late.



My initial approach with these lates was to just let them auto delete. I chose not to dispute these as the string was four years long and had closed servicers with old last reported dates. Any dispute I lost would likely have an updated last reported date. This would subsequently hammer my good fico scores. Unfortunately, my plan only partially worked.

Approach #1:    Obtain a letter from servicer which states late has a DOFD 7+ years and forward letter to dispute with bureaus. This approach was suggested by a TU supervisor. I thought this seemed like the best approach until I found out today their is no DOFD being reported by servicer. I feel this approach has the lowest chance of unintended consequences as I only ask the servicer for a letter. 


Approach #2:     Without the letter, file a dispute directly with the two bureaus challenging the late being past 7 years DOFD. This approach now seems good as well, considering the late originally occurred 7 years ago and 3 servicers ago. Current servicer may have hard time providing the DOFD within the 30 days or find it too much hassle to provide. I now think this approach is more likely to be successful but It also seems to carry more risk.


Approach #3:     Brilliant idea from Creditboards member?


The only reason I am hesitant with approach #2 is the reported 120 day late and the six unreported lates are all with my open current servicer. There is some debate over how the "never brought current" applies to strings of lates spanning into a open and now current account.

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any dispute directly with the four major CRAs has a good chance of leading to the complete loss of this tradeline.


what you considered a GW letter to the current serviceer?


when did the TU superviser write you a letter? I hope you're not talking to them about such a serious issue over the phone or via semaphore code

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This tradeline is my current mortgage so there is no chance of it being deleted. The previous 3 servicer TL's were deleted. My AAOA is now 14+ years so no big deal there. I wanted them deleted anyways to purge other info they contained.


The current mortgage company took over the loan and I brought the loan current 7 months later. They had initially  reported the 7 total 120"s before I brought the loan current.


Sometime after bring it current and prior to the 7 year auto deletion, the current lender stopped reporting the 6 preceding lates. This broke the chain of lates, leaving a 6 month gap to the last 120 day late. 


When the 7 year auto deletion came around, this late was the only late not deleted. All 3 prior servicing TL's were deleted in their entirety.  Unfortunately, I did not know there was no DOFD being reported for this late or I would have tackled that prior to the 7 year auto delete sequence.  I am not sure it would have been deleted even if it had the proper DOFD due to the 6 month break of the chain. It certainly would have had a higher chance than with no DOFD.


My unintended consequences concern is a potential back fill of the six previous 120 day lates prior to the lone 120 in question.

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1 hour ago, hegemony said:

what you considered a GW letter to the current serviceer?


I am trying to not have them look too hard at the account as they stopped reporting 6 or the 7 lates probably by mistake.

Risk of 6 added back on vs. one removed = proceed with caution.


1 hour ago, hegemony said:

when did the TU superviser write you a letter? I hope you're not talking to them about such a serious issue over the phone or via semaphore code

The TU supervisor did not provide a letter. He suggested I obtain a letter from the mortgage company addressing the actual DOFD and present said letter back to TU to attempt deletion.


I was speaking to TU over the phone after the 7 year auto-deletion failed to remove this sole late. This call was made as I read several times that TU supervisors have the ability to correct things, similar to what EX customer service reps can do. He did inform me that he could not do anything because the DOFD of the late was not showing as the DOFD of the string that was deleted. 


He did not state that there was NO DOFD and it was my mistake at the time to not ask him what DOFD was showing on the late.

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