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Raised numbers

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Bank of America has only recently joined the List of Credit Card Issuers Who've Issued Me Cards Without Raised Numbers, see.


My CapitalOne Quicksilver was the first to not have raised numbers; I remember being really disoriented when I first saw the card and not even being able to say at first what was weird about it.  Except what's additionally weird is that I had two other CapitalOne cards at the time that both had raised numbers.  I've combined them into one card now and that card also has the raised numbers.


So, the non-raised numbers cards are:

CapitalOne Quicksilver MasterCard

Chase Sapphire Preferred Visa

Citi Executive World Elite MasterCard

BankAmericard Platinum Plus Visa



CapitalOne Platinum MasterCard

Merrick Bank (getting closer to getting OK with closing this card finally)

State Farm Bank Good Neighbor Visa

U.S. Bank Platinum Visa

American Express SkyMiles Platinum

American Express Blue Cash Everyday

Express (except my Eddie Bauer card is of course also Comenity and has raised numbers )








Eddie Bauer

J Crew - whereabouts unknown but I think raised




Is it weird that American Express is still sticking with raised?


When was the last time you saw one of those old-time credit card machines where they make a paper imprint of the card?  I used those when I worked at a drugstore in high school in 1990.




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My Amex Gold and Plat no longer have raised numbers. I'm hoping that the Bonvoy card they're sending out in June to replace my SPG will follow suit.

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In addition to no raised numbers, many cards are now printed sideways.  Perfect if you want to put your card in a plastic ID badge card holder.  I've worn an expired Redneck Bank debit card in one.  My "picture" is that smiling horse.  ;)




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Wrong yes WRONG I was about my Express card from Comenity; it has raised numbers, however they are smaller and at the lower edge of the card, not big, centered, traditional credit-card-y raised numbers.


Update your records accordingly.


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"Cards without raised numbers".....well that sure is a mouthful, the proper term your are seeking is embossed.  And I don't like embossed cards, hopefully they all soon become completely extinct.

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