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Retroactive Forbearance - Late Payments Removal?

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I have a small federal consolidation loan with NAVIENT.  Back in 2013 I had lost my job and payments became late for three months before I could get the retroactive forbearance approved in October of 2013.  Currently NAVIENT is reporting me late for July, August, and September of 2013 for 90, 120, and 120 respectively.  I have filed disputes with the credit reporting agencies, asked for a goodwill removal, requested removal due to retroactive forbearance, and filed a complaint with the CFPB.


All of this has not gotten me anywhere.  I have contacted some attorneys but they don't want to take the case because it is a retroactive forbearance .  I have a couple of questions:


1)  What else can I do to get these late payments removed from my credit files?

2)  Should I just wait until they fall off next year?

3)  Has anyone here had any luck getting lates removed?  If yes, how did you go about it?


I saw another thread on here about this but there seems to be conflicting information about the FCRA and HEA and how its interpreted by the courts.  Thanks in advance for your help.

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