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Consumer reporting agencies


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In 2017 my wife had a mini stroke which resulted in a roll over accident.  She suffered a broken back, ankle, leg, ribs and PTSD as a result.  Recently our auto insurance has notified us that they refuse to renew our policy based on a consumer reporting agency report that indicated the highway patrol believed my wife was drunk at the time of the accident because she couldn't talk or walk.  She went to court, it was determined that she suffered a stroke and the DUI was dropped.  She was NOT convicted of any impaired driving offenses.


Now we are searching for a new auto insurance provider and want to locate one that does not pull reports from data miners (who often get things wrong) and will not use these consumer reporting agencies.  Can anyone advise me?



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BTW.... My wife also suffered from head trauma which has resulted in loss of memory.  She is now fully disabled and only drives when necessarily in a handicapped equipped vehicle.  She was unable to provide a breathalyzer as she had a collapsed lung upon removal from the vehicle.  However the report exists that she was impaired and they believe it was alcohol related...... Please help.  We are retired and can't afford this type of insurance.  My wife was 56 at the time of the accident with no priors on her record.

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1) ask a mod to move this to the main credit forums

2) your carrier should have indicated WHICH bureau(s) they relied upon

3) once you know which one was used, you have a better idea of the information you specifically need to address.


My guess is that this came from either a CLUE report or from a LexisNexis report that picks up the arrest data.  Even where a charge is reduced, the original offense title remains viewable.  Where a case was dismissed on its merits or where an acquittal occurred on ALL charges, then you need to pursue an expunction. 


You will NOT like the rates you get from a insurance company that cannot price risk using credit or other data products.  A company HAS to be able to price their risk accordingly.  It sounds as though there are other medical issues at play which are ALSO going to make the rates go sky high so long as your wife remains on the policy. 

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The last post in this topic was posted 1114 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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