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I’ve done great over the past 2 years and ALL negative items are gone. Only downsides right now are inquiries and age of credit. I went from 5% to 4% usage and Credit karma and all the like free scores say my score dropped 45-50 points. The usage was the only difference. I know these apps and such aren’t 100% accurate but I am building a house and my score was around 730 now 680s. How can I be certain my score is high when time comes to lock in my mortgage rate?



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1) ignore ANYTHING that is not a Fair Isaac score

2) since you are looking for mortgage, ignore ANY score that is NOT a mortgage model


I have not looked at the FICO site in many moons, but I vaguely recall they used to have an option to purchase the mortgage model.  Others who invest in the shiny baubles over there can offer current insight...

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