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To add a seasoned trade line or not.

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Hello All,

Is it worth it to add/purchase a seasoned tradeline when you are already in the 660 TU, 656 EX and 615 EQ on your scores? Would this boost your scores up enough to make it worthwhile? Thanks all.


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FICO is aggressively modifying their scoring algorithms to discount any benefit of "tradeline renting".  And, frankly, while "tradeline renting" can deepen your overall account history, it can't reduce the impact of negative entries to your credit report.  That only come with time or revision.


While I don't know the specifics of your credit history, I suspect you're made strong progress in improving your scores already (based on scores which, for the most part, are only modestly "sub-prime"). 


I suggest seeking advice on what else you can do to enhance your credit profile.  The contributors here are a great bunch and will be happy to assist.

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welcome to CB!


in short, no. it would be a stupid thing to spend money on.

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To others coming along and seeing this thread in the future, this sort of crap is PRECISELY why many bureaus attempt to match addresses on AU accounts.  And I would NEVER give some stranger my social security number for the purposes of engaging in a fraudulent activity...

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