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Long story short, I have been contacted by a CA  for an outstanding medical debt I was unaware of.  After contacting the OC, seeking a payment arrangement/pay in full, I was rejected and referred to the CA.  The 30-day window runs out tomorrow, and I've just sent a package intercept through USPS to stop a certified DV request after finding your intriguing information.  As stated before, I AM willing to pay the OC and keep this from affecting my credit, as I am planning on purchasing my first home in 18 months.


My questions are:

1:  Was the package intercept a good idea?  I decided to execute the intercept after noticing that contacting the CA was not included in your HIPAA sequence.  Additional information:  The debt has not yet been reported to the CRA's...

2:  If you recommend contacting them for a DV, can I send an email with a read-receipt, instead?

3:  Assuming I acted appropriately with preventing their obtaining the DV request, how should I proceed?  Should I wait for the account to be reported to the CRA and then start the process, or...?


Any help is GREATLY appreciated!!!  Thank you for your knowledge, willingness to share it, and dedication to helping others!


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What "package intercept"??


How old is the account?? (Date of medical service)

Don't worry about the 30 day notice


Are you ABSOLUTELY SURE you owe this account?? Were you insured?? If so get a copy of your EOMB ( explanation of medical benefits) from your insurance Co.


Follow the guides;


check your reports carefully for any errors. If you haven't moved since the date of service do NOT delete old addresses

https://whychat.me/GUIDE HIPAA PROGRAM.html


If the account is VERY RECENT ( within the past 2 years) and your EOMB indicates that you actually owe the OC ( original creditor health care provider) the amount demanded, AND your own bank and credit card records do NOT show that it was paid at the time of service or shortly after, then you can pay the OC with the HIPAA letter insert "a".


If the date of service is more than 2 years ago then it is very likely you are being scammed by a JDB (junk debt buyer)

These lowlifes pop up when folks are in the process of applying for a mortgage. They do NOT get the account data from the OC but from a data miner who buys your account data from the CRAs (opting out will help prevent this)


If you are not sure if you owe the $ and the CA who sent you the letter gave you the standard 30 days to respond, send them this ( even if it is more than 30 days);


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