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HELP - Paid Settlement to CA but now another CA reporting same Account

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I had a collection showing on my reports and I went ahead and settle the matter with Valentine & Kebartas who was reporting the charge off account. Such was settled and the original debtor was Credit One Bank. Valentine & Kebartas did removed the collection off all the reports. However, now a new CA called LVNV is reporting the charge off for the same account and under comments it reads, "Legally paid in full for less than the full balance" "Settlement Accepted on this Account". When I contacted Valentine & Kebartas they referred me to a number which I called and it turns out it is from Resurgent Capital Services. Resurgent Capital Services, explained that Valentine & Kebartas as well as LVNV are affiliated with them. I asked them if they can remove the account (LVNV Funding LLC) since such was originally settled and paid to Valentine & Kebartas and they said they couldn't do it. 


Question? Is it possible to settle an account with a Collection Agency only to then see another one popping up on your reports reporting the same account you've already paid for? How can I go about having such deleted off my reports? I also notice that under the original debtor (Credit One Bank) it reads, "Bad debt & placed for collection", "Charged off as bad debt" and not as paid for less or Account Settle. Should I contact the original debtor, Credit One Bank and asked them to report as paid? 


Any help to this matter would greatly be appreciated. Thank you all!   

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It sounds like your case was assigned by the new debt owner to an affiliated company for collection.  Someone will be along soon with a more detailed explanation of how this works.


From your description the OC TL is reporting correctly (provided it also shows a $0 balance).  The account isn't going to show as paid or settled since you didn't pay the OC.  The OC COd the account and you settled with a third party. 


Unless you can make one or both go away, you will have two different TLs (one from OC, one from CA/JDB) with different statuses.


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LVNV and Credit One are branches of the Sherman Group. Credit One "sells" defaulted accounts to LVNV. Perhaps you missed that somehow. If Credit One sold this (essentially to themselves) they should not be able to report any longer, but LVNV can and appears to have done so. Removal is usually not an option with these people. Settling does not get an account removed, almost nothing does except for pay for delete or you prove it isn't your account.

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Posted (edited)

Another reason to NEVER pay a RED CENT to any scum scam CA.


Try this;



https://whychat.me/SOL PROGRAM GUIDE.html


Your initial dispute letter to the CRAs MAY get you a deletion. If not, you can go on to the next stage.


( I hope you didn't SIGN a settlement agreement with the CA. If you did you not only are left with a "settled" derogatory, but a NEW starting date for that entry which will make your credit score WORSE)

Edited by Why Chat

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