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Reinsertion after nearly 3 years

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Hello all.  Back in 2016 I came here for help dealing with a medical collection on my reports and I followed Why Chat's method with great success.  Original thread here:  https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?/topic/564330-deleting-medical-collection/



Here we are almost 3 full years later and the same medical collection has popped up from the same CA on my EQ and EX reports.  They both show as being disputed by consumer, but are there nonetheless.  


At this point, do I start the dispute process over again?  I've opted out, pulled copies of all 3 reports and verified that no old addresses/phone numbers exist, but I wanted to return here for advice before I waded back into these waters.  


Also, does SOL have any impact?  I believe here in Maryland SOL is 3 years as it pertains to this subject.  Does the clock start from date of service, date of delinquency, or something else?  Also, I'm under the assumption that SOL applies just to the reporting, and not to the debt itself, that the debt doesn't magically vanish at the end of the SOL.


Thanks in advance for any guidance and clarification.  


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The legal SOL as well as the 7 year obsolescence period for your credit reports starts from date of service.

Are you sure there are no other errors on your reports?? Double check.

Have deleted addresses come back on to your reports??

Have you recently applied for a mortgage?? Make sure you are opted out as youmay have accidentally been opted back in again.


Yes, start over;


https://whychat.me/GUIDE HIPAA PROGRAM.html


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