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Credit Report Disputes

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I have a old account that was closed during my consumer proposal and recently discovered they are still reporting it "120 days past due."
Am I right that this status should show bad debt or something of that sort and not be still going as past due? Whats your opinions? I'm planning to apply for a mortgage for my first home this spring. Im pretty sure I even paid this credit card payment on time until the consumer proposal people told me to stop paying all parts of the proposal. My proposal has been paid off and is clear from my report as of Monday! What options do I have?

Phone Number: (800)728-3277 High Credit/Credit Limit: $3,000.00
Account Number: XXX...378 Payment Amount: Not Available
Association to Account: Individual Balance: $0.00
Type of Account: Revolving Past Due: $0.00
Date Opened: 2007-10 Date of Last Activity: 2014-08
Status: At least 120 days past due Date Reported: 2019-01
Months Reviewed: 70
Payment History: 02 payments 30 days late 
01 payments 60 days late 
50 payments 90 days late
Prior Paying History: At least 120 days past due ( 2018-12 ) At least 120 days past due ( 2018-11 ) At least 120 days past due ( 2018-10 )
Comments: Closed by credit grantor
Included in consumer proposal

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