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Disputed reinsertion and CA sent er bill

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1, Disputed with CRA

2. CRA deleted

3. CA reinserted

4. Disputed with CRA again noting and enclosing previous dispute and result

5. CA sent copy of ER bill


Next step? 

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Do you have a copy of the mailed notice where the CRA deleted the item in question in your favor?

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If you disputed on line with only 1 CRA or used a 3rd party system like Kredit Karma to dispute then you likely didn't get anything more than a temporary removal pending investigation.


What was the date of medical service??

How did you dispute with the CRA(s)

Did you get a communication from the CRA that the account was being deleted or did it just "vanish" temporarily.

Try this;

Follow the guides


https://whychat.me/GUIDE HIPAA PROGRAM.html


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Marv, yes I have a copy.



1) 2014

2) Disputed using a slightly modified version of your dispute letter.

3) I received the "investigation" results letter indicating that the account was deleted.

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Yes, I've opted out and deleted old addresses.

Yes, the "account" is only on one CRA report currently. It was on more, but they only reinserted on one (so far) and it has been 6 months since removal.

Modified in the way suggested in the topic linked below, as well as a demand for deletion since they already "investigated," deleted and then the "account" was reinserted with no further contact. Although...


The CA is playing games with "account numbers." Initially the "account" was double reported with two different "account numbers."
After the CRA deleted both, the CA reinserted (once) with yet another "account number."



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OK, send the medical DV and the follow up dispute to the CRA. In the follow up dispute add that this CA has reinserted illegally for the 2nd time and that you are reporting the CRA and the CA to the proper authorities for this second offense. Enclose a copy of the complaint in both your medical DV and the follow up dispute.

file a CFPB complaint against the CA and against the CRA ( 2 separate complaints) cross reference in each complaint.

Provide the time line for all the prior activities and cite the contents of each letter.


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