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Medical Debt Dispute Clarification

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I've read the guides on medical debt disputes but wanted to make sure I am correct in my understanding of what my next action should be.


I have two medical collections showing up on my credit reports, being reported by Credit Center LLC.  It says the account was opened 06/2018 and first reported 02/2019.   I do not know if i owe all or some of the debt, i don't have documentation for it. I used the online dispute options at all three CRA's to request verification of the debt.  I now realize this was not the best way to start the process.  Since then I have received a letter from a law firm regarding one of the accounts.  It states they represent the hospital and are requesting payment in full, to be paid to one of the laywers as a trustee.  It says if i do not dispute the debt within 30 days they will assume it is valid and "may" file a lawsuit against me.   The letter is dated March 6th.


It is my understanding that i should now send the medical DV to the Law Firm?  Should I also send it to Credit Center LLC?   Thank you in advance for any help you are able to provide.

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Are you saying that you have NO records of any medical services in June 2018?? Are you insured?? If so contact your insurance Co and get copies of your EOMBs ( explanation of medical benefits) to see what (if anything) you actually owe.


You need to start from the beginning instead of jumping into a medical DVor any correspondence with the CA.


Follow the guides;


https://whychat.me/GUIDE HIPAA PROGRAM.html


After double checking your reports for errors such as unknown addresses, different spelling of your name or alternate SS#s and opting out you should send the initial dispute letter to the CRAs listing ALL medical accounts as they appear on the report you are disputing.



It is hard to tell from your post if this is an account that is valid or not. Your credit report may shed some lot on the possibility that this is not your account. Your EOMBs should also tell you if it is a valid debt since if there is no record of any health care claim from the alleged OC health care provider for June 2018 then either you were NOT the patient or the OC did not have your insurance information.

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Thank you for your response.


I had thought that because I already have an ongoing online dispute with the CRAs that I could not begin the process normally and send disputing letters to them.


I know I wasn't supposed to dispute online, I did so before coming across your site.  I did opt out and delete old addresses.  That was also done online but I got confirmation the addresses were removed and they no longer show on my credit reports.


I will pull the EOMB statements for June.  I do believe there is an ER visit from around that time that wasn't paid, but I have no idea as to the particulars.  I had recieved and ignored letters from Credit Center LLC for a few months before they reported the debt to the CRAs.  It was a couple weeks after the online dispute that I got this new letter from the law firm.


So my next step is send initial dispute letters to the CRA.  Even though I have an online dispute in progress on these accounts?

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Once you review your EOMB statement for June and determine that you DO or DON'T owe any balance then we can have a more fruitful discussion.


You are correct, because of your online disputes to the CRAs you should not send them the dispute letters.


Once you have the results from THOSE online disputes AND the results of your review of your EOMB we can better advise you as to the next steps.

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Ok, went and found the EOMB for the two medical collections that were showing up.  My insurances company did process both of them, however one of them was ended up costing nearly 3,000 dollars towards my deductible.  There are two different 99284 Emergency Service codes.  This was a trip to the ER that lasted maybe an hour or so.  Is there a legitimize reason that the 99284 (what i understand to essentially be the facility fee code) would show up twice? the amounts are different one was for 1,426.94, the other 549.79.


The other bill i recognize and looks about right, it's also for a much lesser amount so I am willing to pay it if it gets verified and i can get it removed from my credit report.


I still have not gotten a response on these disputes from any of the CRA's

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