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Need Help with Nissan Lease Post BK7

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Hi Guys,

I've been around these boards since 2006, but haven't posted in a few years. Now, I'm needing some Car advice, please.

Situation: My husband and I both had car leases when we filed for BK7 in Jan. 2017. We did NOT reaffirm either of the two leases in the BK7. I was working from home at the time, so I stopped making payments on my car and it was subsequently reprocessed (voluntarily) by Hyundai some 90 days later.  My husband, on the other hand, has a 1.5 hour commute to work and decided to continue to make his lease payments, even after the BK was fully discharged. 

Now, two years after our BK7 was discharged, my husband's lease is now up and he will need a new car. The thing is, he has never missed a payment to Nissan Motor Finance, nor have we ever been late.  The car has NO damage, but has a great deal of wear and tear, and is way over the agreed lease miles, currently at 52,000 of the 30k signed at lease.  So, we can walk away and owe nothing because it was included in the BK7, OR we have considered reaffirming the lease in order to retain the positive payment history with Nissan.  Then it occurred to us, that if we reaffirm the lease, then we will mostly likely have to replace the tires, brakes, and pay huge fees for being over the miles. 

My husband has been very loyal to Nissan; this being his 4th lease, and he would like another Nissan, just not this one.  

What should we do?   Thanks in advance! 

Please move if this is not the best forum for this post. TY

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NMAC will usually send out a pre-approval notice a couple of months ahead of termination.  The BK stay may prohibit that type of communication though.

An NMAC dealer can very quickly tell you if you are on a preapproval list.

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