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Help with this darn medical collection

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17 minutes ago, Why Chat said:

On the account you paid.

Give it until Sept. 16 and then double check your reports. Look to see if the subject account has changed in any way. If it hasn't changed look to see if it is being reported as "disputed by consumer".

If it hasn't changed then yes, send the follow up letter you cited.

Got it


On your husband's remaining 3 accounts

Are all 3 remaining accounts on all 3 of his reports?

You DID send the CRAs the follow up dispute after sending the CAs the medical DV didn't you?


The 3  accounts still remaining only remain on EQ. All 3 had medical dv's and the follow up letters to the CRA's, yes. Both EX and TU have removed all accounts from his reports. With the exception of the newest account we paid (referenced above and only showing on EX and EQ, not TU) his EX and TU reports are completely clean.




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Well, here we are again, Why Chat. I was hoping we were at the tail end of this process and we were blazing along getting prepared to make big changes next year, but alas, that is not our luck. The same accounts that we had disputed back in July, on my husbands TU report, we just noticed are back on there this week. The information for each account seems to be the same, though some accounts have a "Date Closed" listed where others do not and some are notated that we have disputed those accounts, though not all the disputed accounts have this notation. The "date updated" for each account ranges from the July dispute date to just 2 weeks ago (🤬 so much for actually being deleted).


What should our next steps be? There is no new addresses or other personal information that has changed, so should I start over with the initial dispute letter...again? 


Thanks for the help. 

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