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Advice on Opening Checking

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Hey all!


I've been without a checking account for a few years after having my accounts seized by the state tax dept. I didn't reach out to explain or work out payment agreements as I should have, and my accounts (at the time with Regions) were subsequently closed with balances. Since then, I've been operating off of a long held savings account with a local credit union and an AMEX Bluebird account. 


I started to see how problematic it was not having a checking account when I went through the difficult (but successful) process of purchasing a home at the end of October 2018, and then again in January 2019 when I tried applying (unsuccessfully) for a credit card. It had been so long since I applied for one, I didn't realize they even asked the question of having a checking account. Not saying that was the sole factor (sitting on about a 615 score), but I'm sure it didn't help to not have one.


Anyway, I've tried to obtain a checking account with my credit union, but they said I'd need to clear up the old account with Regions first. I have a UTM (Uniform Transfer to Minor) savings account with BancorpSouth for some benefits my daughter receives (a story for another post). The old Regions accounts were an issue with trying to open that account too, but I spoke with the branch manager and she approved it on recommendation from a good friend of mine who also works for them in another division. In addition, I have my mortgage with BancorpSouth which was established about a month after I opened the savings. 


My question is, does having those two accounts (mortgage and savings) make it easier or more likely for me to be able to open a checking account there? Or am I basically looking at second chance accounts right now? I'm also willing to go the longer route of making payment arrangements with Regions to at least show that it's been paid.


Sorry for the long post, but I wanted to give as much background information as I could.

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What's your city and state?  We'll post options for your location.


Also, consider a Chime online bank account as backup. They verify identity but don't run Chexsystems or EWS.  They offer Visa debit plus a checking routing/account number. Electronic banking is not for everyone, so visit their site for more info.


Once you reply, I'll post suggestions, and others in your area may also have approvals to share.

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Hey Tmcgill!


Thanks for replying. I'm in Byram, MS right outside of Jackson. I think I looked at Chime, but it seemed like they only accept direct deposit which I don't have with my employer. Am I wrong about that?


As far as second chance accounts go, it seems like Wells Fargo has a pretty good one with the only restriction being no mobile deposits. 

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Possible MS Options:


In addition, Renasant Bank has been posted as a non-Chex non-EWS option.



Other Second Change Accounts:

Hope Credit Union - www.hopecu.org

Woodforest Bank (Off Highway 80 E in Clinton)



**Review the account options and fees.  Call and ask them the current approval process. This will save time and possibly an additional Chex inquiry in your file.


1.  Figure out how money comes in and goes out each month. Keep one or more backup accounts.

2.  I recommend an account strictly for bill paying and household expenses.

3.  FYI: I use Chime for point-of-sale shopping and internet purchases. I keep household bills separate in a different account. This way, if my card is compromised, it won't cause a problem for rent, electricity, insurance, etc.

In addition to direct deposit, Chime accepts mobile deposits, but there is a deposit hold period. I use GooglePay to send money from another account to Chime.

3.  I maintain a separate account just for savings.


Keep us posted on any approvals!





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That sucks. Always good to keep one or more backup accounts. I use GooglePay to move money around, because the funds are usually in the receiving bank in a matter of minutes.  For paper checks (few and far between), I use a local credit union I've banked at for years. The hold times are minimal because I've banked with them for a long time.

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Just an update...

Renasant has been absolutely great and trouble free thus far! I've used the main/features (deposit, atm withdrawals, check card transactions, ACH debits, etc) with no issues. I also love how they refund any ATM fees I incur from other banks. I plan on opening another account for my teenage daughter which will be her first.

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