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Paying off Collections, What happens after?

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Hi! I finally decided to become responsible after a few years break
I have some collections for credit cards that younger me racked up. Sadly, I didn’t think about it and let it make its way to collection. I owe about $8000. I want to pay them off as I decided that it’s about time I get my finances straight.
I want to buy my very first home at the far end of next year, is that even possible? My credit score is horrifying.
I’ve been researching online, reading forums and found amazing tips. One question that I’m still a bit confused about is that, once I pay off all my collections, what happens next? I plan on getting them paid of before this year is over, or as soon as I possibly can within the next few months.
I have no open credit cards. Just student loans that was defaulted but back in good standing.
Any advise, any tips would greatly be appreciated!!! Thanks!
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In order to take an effective inventory of the negatives that you need to address you need to get hard copies of your credit reports mailed to you by each of the three major bureaus + Innovis.  


Welcome, and congrats on taking your first step.

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