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Not sure next steps to repair credit

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Hey all,


I have been in credit repair mode for a while now and have removed a LOT of stuff. I am down to the last few things and they seem like they are here to stay. I have 2 chargeoffs from about a year ago - First Premier and Creditone. Then I have 1 collection left, LVNV for the Creditone chargeoff.


LVNV is known for being impossible. Have called and they won't PFD. Have disputed. Have asked for validation. Have submitted BBB dispute, but in reading through others they don't respond till about 2 months later. Seems like I have no option for removing this and I don't want to pay it with no benefit to my credit.


The chargeoffs - have emailed the president emails for both of these companies which others have had some success with. They responded that they are reporting accurate info. Actually, they updated payment history in response to include "CO" for the prior 12 or so months which made it worse. 


At this point with 2 chargeoffs and a collection I can't even get approved for an auto loan despite making 171k/year, not even subprime companies will approve (Cap 1 navigator). Was wanting to buy a house this year as well.


Have made incredible progress and scores are sitting around 610-630 across the bureaus, but am feeling defeated at the moment.


Any advice would be appreciated.



Additional context:


Have around 10 inqs 

3 credit cards 6-7 months old with 100% on time payments (Discover, US Bank and Cap 1 - all secured)

Auto loan at 18% interest with almost nothing paid on principal due to interest rate

Conns credit account for 4k, a couple 30 day lates 1.5 years ago

Selflender account with 100% on time payments, 7 months old




Every time I am denied it is due to - serious delinquency on file


I dont think the collection by itself justifies instant denial since I see people on here get approved with a collections. I think the worst items are the chargeoffs from my understanding? 

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11 hours ago, WestCoastKid said:

How much is the amount owed on the charge off's ?

First Premier chargeoff is paid, Creditone is $856 and is held by LVNV. The creditone chargeoff and collection, then the FP, are my final 3 derogs.



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