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Review: Neat Receipts / Neat Cloud

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I'm a long time user of Neat Receipts. I bought a Neat Receipts scanner back in 2012 for managing receipts for the $DAYJOB when I was on the road, and was a big work saver when it came time to do the monthly expense reports. When Neat introduced the Cloud service as a backup method, I subscribed using my work email address. The desktop application got glitchy on my older iMac but I had a work Windows PC that I continued to use the desktop application on and synchronized to the cloud service and it worked well. I never expected the events of last week to transpire, so when they did and I immediately lost access to the work PC and work email. Okay no problem - I contacted Neat to change my email address from the now inoperative work email to my personal email address.


The answer from Neat was .... you can't change your email address. Seriously. All one can do is subscribe to a new account with your new email address.


As far as transferring over all the accumulated scanned item data goes, its a crapshoot whether it would work or not. After 1 1/2 days of working with the outsourced Neat tech support and their admission they have limited personnel (apparently just one) who know how to trouble shoot the Neat application on MacOS they still cannot get my data to transfer over to the new account and synchronize with the Neat Cloud properly. When the tech support asked if I could change to a Windows PC so they could troubleshoot better, I said I don't have a Windows PC, and I don't have ready access to a Windows PC.


I'm in the process of exporting the scanned data out of the Cloud account, one receipt at a time, into PDFs and saving them to a Dropbox account. Then I am cancelling the Neat Cloud account. I'm very disappointed in what Neat became, where it once was a very robust device, application, and cloud based backup service and now its nothing more than a cloud service and you provide your own scanner or phone camera which costs $149 per year. Not Worth It Anymore.


If you still want to subscribe to Neat: 1. MacOS support is basically non-existent. 2. Use a personal email address that you know will never change.


Neat does provide a stand alone application for the legacy Neat branded scanners where it will save scanned images to any file location, so I'll still use the scanner and save to Dropbox.



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