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Hey recently 2 medical collections appeared on my credit report and I disputed them with the CRA following your directions exactly for disputing medical accounts, however they decided not to delete them. They said that the disputes were valid after contacting the CA however they never sent anything validating the debt. I then followed your instructions for contacting the CA for debt validation and I never received anything back from then, so I then contacted the CRA using your letter stating that I never received any debt validation from the CA, so the CRA opened another dispute and still determined that the dispute was valid but I have received any validation from the CA. I don't mind paying the 2 medical accounts however I want to make sure they are deleted after being paid so what do I do now if I haven't received any validation of the debts from the CA???? Thanks for all you do!!

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I can not find any previous posts you made on this issue. You say you followed directions EXACTLY?? Did you follow ALL the steps in the guides?


https://whychat.me/GUIDE HIPAA PROGRAM.html


You opted out and deleted old addresses ??

You sent the initial dispute letter to the CRAs?



When they refused to delete you sent the reporting CA the medical DV?


and then sent the follow up dispute to the CRAs?



What is the date of medical service on these accounts??

Were you insured?? And if so do you have your EOMBs (explanation of medical benefits) from your insurance Co.?


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Hey I have successfully disputed other medical collections before using your program so I followed the steps to a "t" this time as well. The collection accounts say they were opened 9/1/16 and 10/1/16 respectfully so im assuming these services would have been done in early 2016. Im pretty sure I was insured through my employer but I don't have the EOMBs. This is my second time disputing these accounts and the CA never sent any correspondence verifying the debt. I don't know what to do at this point??

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Contact your insurance Co. Get your EOMBs. They are required to keep records for 5 years.


If your EOMBs indicate that the accounts are valid ( co-pays etc.) then you can pay the OC directly with the HIPAA letter insert "a".


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