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Damaged vs. Lost

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Ever since my American Express® Platinum Delta SkyMiles® card arrived, I have been oh so fond of the account number, for it contains several 8's, and 8 is my lucky number.


The card is damaged now and even though it's saved at a couple of websites I shop at and is also uploaded to ApplePay so I'm able to use it frequently enough, I think things might be getting to where I need an undamaged physical card nonetheless (doesn't expire till 2021). 


Since the card isn't lost, the account info isn't compromised.  What do you suppose they will say if I call in and ask them to replace the card but keep the account number?


I would point out again that the account number contains 8's.


I think that will win them over to my side.


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If 8 is lucky, wouldn't the cards with fewer 8s have gotten damaged first?

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Posted (edited)

You'll need to get over it. They'll probably give you the same number. Amex has issued me the same number when requesting a replacement for a damaged card, but there are no guarantees. Many, many, many, many times I've been issued renewal cards with new account numbers or even sent a new account number long before my current card expires.

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Cards get damaged.  You would not be the first person they had TODAY that called to request a replacement physical card.  A replacement card should have the same number when the request is made due to damage.  You need not even specify WHAT the damage was...but it is DEFINITELY not uncommon for the mag strip to cease to be readable...

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