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I have a TD  second mortgage.  My first is in foreclosure and I am nearing a deal with the 1st mortgage holder.  I have been trying to contact TD to work out the second, which would be extinguished should the 1st mortgage holder foreclose (and TD would get nothing as they've already defaulted on the foreclosure complaint.) but am having no success getting anybody to speak to me. Does anybody have any numbers for a live loss mit person or any suggestions on how to proceed?


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What letters have been written?  Have they been mailed certified so that you can document your due diligence?  If not, why not? 

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    • By L99
      Hi. Thanks everyone for push out of hopelessness. My scores have increased about 30 points each, and this without reflecting that I paid off a $2500 installment loan a week ago. Total paid off is about $7000 in 6 weeks.
      ·       My goal is to buy a home with an FHA loan around October 2021.
      ·       I have $2000 per month to put toward resolving these negatives.
      ·       I don't know if I can call BBVA and Net Credit and work out payment arrangements, or if I need to have all the money now. Scared to call—I keep hearing “don’t talk to them.”
      My question is what order to put these in based on how quickly it will impact my credit score.
      My options seem to be:
      1)    Resume student loan payments ASAP, over the next year just save the money monthly and pay BBVA first and then Net Credit, then down payment.
      2)    Pay BBVA first, resume paying student loans in September and then pay Net Credit over the next 12 months.
      Remaining negatives on credit report:
      Defaulted Student Loan
      ·       Wait 1-3 months and use that $850/month to work on the other two items?
      ·       $5600 charge-off as of Sept 2019
      ·       Planning to just pay it, assuming I'll have to pay in full but not sure
      Net Credit Financial Services
      ·       $6900 charge-off from Sept 2019
      ·       Planning to just pay it, assuming I'll have to pay in full but not sure
      When do I apply for the mortgage, by the way? How far ahead of when I want to close?
      THANK YOU!!!!
    • By chickenfritata
      Hi everyone, just looking for some advice...
      I'm in the last year of my 20s and have a very high debt in general. I blame my past self since after getting my first job, I was blinded by approvals of several credit cards and used them like cash. I would like to start my journey to a better credit score, especially since my 30s will probably consist of buying a home and having children with my fiance.
      Not really sure where to start... I'd like to start bringing down my debt but I feel so overwhelmed with everything that I have to pay for. I currently keep track of my money using a spreadsheet, but that doesn't mean anything if I don't actually try to pay off the debt I have... I recently paid off my Chase CC balance (that's why it's 0 right now) and an installment loan around $2,500.
      Would it be better to pay the closed accounts first (at least the ones accruing interest), or pay off the balance in my open accounts? Any advice would be helpful, thank you!
      With that being said, here are my stats:
      Credit scores
      Experian - 565 | Equifax - 582 | Transunion - 587
      Current monthly bills - ~$1240, including payments below
      Monthly salary - min $2,500
      *New job that just started this month; previously, I was earning around $1,200 a month
      Current savings - $3,000
      Chase - 0 (balance) / 500 (limit) @ (23.15%) min payment: $25
      Capital One Quicksilver - 1,519/1,500  @(22.90%) min payment: $44
      Capital One Platinum - 2,230/2,250 @ (22.90%) min payment: $70
      Bank of America - $2,110 @ (21.24%) min payment: $70
      Barclays - $920 @ (21.24%) min payment: $30
      CareCredit - $1,200 (under hardship assistance, interest no longer accruing) min payment: $22
      Nordstrom  - $1,915 (under hardship assistance, interest no longer accruing) min payment: $22
      PayPal - $1,083 (under hardship assistance, interest no longer accruing) min payment: $25

      Student Loans
      Sallie Mae - $25,000 (deferred payment, only paying $25 a month)
      Fed Loans - $16,000 (forbearance due to COVID19)
    • By burghdude
      In reviewing my Equifax report, I noticed 4 accounts that have comments saying "Payment is payroll deductible."  3 of the accounts are closed and charged off credit cards.  The 4th is open and being paid as agreed with never any lates.  It is clearly not an error in reporting by the creditors because it shows like this on each account (with different dates):
      04/2016 Payment is payroll deductible
      08/2016 Payment is payroll deductible
      02/2017 Payment is payroll deductible
      I am 100% Positive I have no judgements against me that would enable a credit card debt to be payroll deductible.  Is this an effort on behalf of the creditors to further damage my credit by making it appear that an there has been a judgement against me for a particular debt when that has never actually occurred?  I've done extensive searching online and haven't found any answer as to why this comment appears.
    • By DebtFreeIn04
      Long time lurker,  now ready to participate!  Just paid off 25k of 120k debt.  11k stupid installment loan from penfed, and 14k credit card debt. CC debt utilization down to 62%. No other debt except mortgage.  (Just paid off only auto loan) have 5 student loans 5k balance.  
      I'm hoping to have CC debt paid in under 4 yrs I'm going after highest int rate cards first. Any other wisdom or ideas about how to handle my credit profile ?
      Is my utilization too high to start requesting no inquiry CLI's? Thanks 
    • By cautious
      Out of the blue I get a bill for $126.58 from Convergent.  It says it is on behalf of Cox.  I have no outstanding bill with Cox, am completely paid up with zero balance.  I have never received a call or a previous communication from Cox or Convergent.  Are they sending little bills to Convergent hoping people will pay them since the amounts are too small for Cox to deal with? 

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