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Master 2019 Approvals and CLIs Thread

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14 hours ago, bigpoppa09 said:

BoA Cli Luv 

Your new total credit line is $85,000.00 with a cash credit line of $25,500.00 and is available for immediate use. 

BigPoppa, 85K is a BigNumba.


On BOA, no less. I have hope for the future...


Congrats to you!

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US Bank Cash+ finally did an auto CLI after close to a year, $1k -> $1500. 

This was also the first time I didn’t pay the balance and let it carry past the statement date. Is that what you have to do to get CLIs?? Carry high balances? 


All my cards are less around a year, or less. I think oldest is about 15months. Seems soooooo slooooowwww to build any decent limits. 

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OK, CB experts, I have a question about the reliability of MyFico (MYF) and Experian (EXP) simulator tools.  If there is a different forum or place to ask this, please let me know.



I currently use both MYF and EXP to watch my credit.  Both appear reliable on their predictions. 


Our 15 accounts have a line >250K, our utilization is low (<6%), and file is old and clean.


Both MYF and EXP tools are indicating that in 10 months, my score could reach 845.  The 845 score simulations show that my path to 845 is gated by both age and amount of credit.


Aging: Over the next 10 months, I have 5 INQs that age off, and 1 card that reaches 1 year of age.  


Amount: We did 2 large purchase that we could pay down immediately, but both are on 0 APR, so there is little financial motivation to do so. We also have a small ($25K) mortgage that we need to wait for promotional reasons until August (long story, but not material) to pay off.



Have any of you fellow CB experts found these simulators reliable, or only suggestive?

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Luv button on both Cap1 Quicksilver cards produced

$750 -> $1250

$500 -> $1500


Both also had high balances carried this month. I feel like there’s a pattern here. 

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