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How in the hell do I post about my recent credit inquiries to help others out?


Surely there has to be a better way of informing new people? All I'm trying to do is post my experiences with Discover, BofA and Navy Federal

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Posted (edited)

Don't newbies have to wait to post to creditpulls? Their profile says they joined one hour ago.

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Yes. Just like they had to wait till I approved their first very nice post.

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Sorry for the inconvenience.


If you are brand new to the forums, you will not have access to PM's. Look under your member name - if it says "newbies" your access to PM's and board email is restricted.

The reason we do this is the overwhelming number of solicitations and scammers who come on the board. Some people are more naive than others, for one thing, and assume that everyone here wants to help them. There are scammers here just like everywhere else. We give these newbs some time to get their feet wet before they get exposed to those bad people behind the scenes, where we can't intervene. Unfortunately newbs with credit troubles are sitting ducks here, so we do what we can within reason to provide some protection at first.


The other reason is to discourage the people who come here to sell something - A lot of them know they can't spam the board without getting caught, but they will spam via email or PM if they can. Once they realize they will have to participate for a while (we don't say how long), they go away and find some place that's easier to spam.


I know it's inconvenient, but it makes the board a better place to be overall.

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The above post is applicable to CreditPulls as well.


Also, asking nicely will get you further :) 

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