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Best Cards for Rebuilding Credit

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I'll keep this brief and to the point, but PLEASE FEEL FREE to ask for more details! :)


I just purchased a home at the end of October, so I'd been holding off on any unnecessary activity until that was done. I currently have no credit cards, store or otherwise. What are some good card options with good approval odds? Currently sitting at 617 (TU) and 623(EQ). These are CK numbers.



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20 hours ago, WestCoastKid said:

What do your credit reports look like?  Also it would be very helpful to have your actual FICO scores, not the CK numbers which are fake.

I'll try to pull or obtain a copy of my report as soon as possible and report back. The score my bank used at the time(September) was a 621 which was very close to the the CS/CK numbers. I'm aware of the following:

3 charge-offs from 2015 

3 collections totalling around $1320 (oldest and largest opened in 2013)

1 auto loan in good standing (since Aug. '16)

1 mortgage loan in good standing (since Oct. '18).


I settled a couple of accounts in lead up to the home purchase and need to make sure those are reflected correctly on the reports. As I said in the original post, I currently have no active revolving credit accounts.

19 hours ago, whipster said:

If you just bought a home, ask your mortgage company for a copy of your reports to see what's on there. 

Good idea whipster. I'll reach out today.

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