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    • By creditmaze
      Good morning everyone. I have the Barclaycard NFL card. It was my first cc when I was rebuilding. I chose it at the time because they pulled TU and my EX report had an embarrassing ultility paid CO that had years of reported lates. This card only offers 2 pts on NFL purchases and 1 pt on everything else. I love football but I never spend $ on NFL except once at Christmas when I used the card to buy my grandson some gear.
      I started out with a $500 cl and now it's $5K. I use it every month and spend each month approximately $450 and always PIF.
      Does anyone know if Barclay's does product changes? I have read that they do not. 
    • By creditmaze
      Regarding points for reward cards.
    • By creditmaze
      Please add to this thread of grocery stores that earn the maximum amount of grocery spend points. This thread is for all category rewards cards so please also list your rewards card. I have the Amex Everyday Card. If a grocery store is coded by the merchant as a warehouse or club store like Target, Costco or Walmart it will only earn 1 point. The challenge is determining how the stores code and apparenting Amex doesn't control that so they don't provide a comprehensive list. You just have to make a small purchase like I did at Smart and Final and wait to see if you earned only 1 point or more. This thread is not meant for 2 point all spend rewards cards. I'll start below.
    • By mizliz1011
      Greetings: I had 106,000 remaining Etihad points (had already redeemed 240K) and I was in the middle of the last online transaction of redemption with the balance posted in the corner of my screen.  It was 6/30, 3.30pm so I knew I had to use them before midnight.  What I did not expect was that they made their *cut-off on Abu Dhabi time*  which was 8 hours earlier (it was not mentioned in their reward info, BTW).  As I pushed the purchase button, the screen started blinking and it said I had no miles to redeem.  
      I tried to work this out via customer service but they won't bend so I am taking them to small claims court in NYC- Agony.  They do have a NYC office so I can use that address to appeal and they will have to be in accord with NYC laws. However, since I can't ask for the miles back (no space on the small claims form for this) I am looking for a way to value the miles at MAXIMUM value.  Does anyone here know the program well enough to orient me to how to value them using an honest valuation of them at max redemption value?  Since they transfer 1:1 MR AmEx I could use that parameter as well (which is how I bought them originally).  
      I would appreciate any suggestions or outline of how to value them, again at max redemption value $$$.  I am willing to be perfectly straightforward about this but I don't want to give the value away.  And I am pissed off in spades. Thanks so much, in advance.  Lizzie
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