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Experian has a specialist on my account number and will not remove addresses.

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Experian has a specialist on my account and will not remove old addresses.    I just disputed some items to try to remove the attachments to one of the old address as a test.  EX said online when I just checked:  This Address was reported to Experian by XXXXxxx and 15 other companies (you can click on the link and get the names). Please contact the company to verify that they have your correct address. Once the new information is reported to Experian, you will be able to submit your dispute online. For further questions, you may contact us at 1-855-414-6048.   I informed them that I am now going to also look at the record @LexisNexis.com to see if I could scare them (DID NOT WORK) and also said how can you verify a record that is not complete as per the Bankruptcy Courts and LexisNexis.


I will keep writing letters and never give up of course but we will see. I was thinking that holidays time would be best for reps in the USA (mine at Experian would be in the mood to play nice or on holiday so I could find someone new.)


I did get TU and EQ to remove all the address attached to bad credit after calling over the last 5 workdays with TU and EQ was Immediate (THIS was DONE BY PHONE).    I am now sending the remove letters to TU and EQ that no longer have address attachments.


HOW to get the Free credit reports for TU and EQ I get from my CreditKarma.com and pulling up credit report under the bar graph and clicking on the 2 different companies and again clicking on the credit report tab.  This is a great tool for verifications of removes once you understand the format  (this updates every 4 or 5 days so you have to wait for that).


How to get a Free Credit report for Experian is by getting the free account and if you navigate around long enough you can find all of your credit report for verifications as needed.  ( this updates quickly most of the time )


855-414-6048 to dispute on the phone with Experian.  Anyone want to call Sam directly at Experian and give him a busy day 469-675-5039 maybe he will quit!


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Patrick:  As a matter of course, CreditBoards does not recommend nor endorse phone dispute with any of the CRA"s.   It is in extremely poor taste to publicly post a phone number of a representative of any CRA.   After a few calls, the phone number will be changed.

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