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TransWorld Pay for Delete?

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I'm kind of new here, I've been reading through forum here and now thinking what's the best course of action for my situation


A collection account from TransWorld popped up on my credit reports this week. It's for $185, the original creditor is Car2Go and it's for a trip I've taken with them in summer 2017. The info on credit reports says Transworld opened the account on August 27, and I've never received any type of letter from them.


I called the original creditor and asked if I can pay them directly, but they denied and told me I should settle the matter with the collection agency directly.


I'm willing to pay this debt in full and I'm thinking to write a debt verification letter to Transworld, offer them a pay-for-deletion and see if they accept it. -  So did anyone have success with PFD with Transworld?


Another route I'm thinking to take is to dispute the debt as being inaccurately reported with CRAs- the amount reported by Transworld is off by a few cents from the actual debt amount


And yet a third route would be to call the original creditor again and offer to pay the debt directly to them (which is unlikely they'll accept)



Any advice would be appreciated:)

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How did the account get to this point?  Yes, seriously.


Had you ever used the service before?  Are you likely to want to use them again?  Again, yes, seriously.


Sometimes matters can be resolved with outside of the box approaches, but spitballing those approaches requires having better insight into what happened...

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Yes, I used them before, then I was overseas for a long time. There wasn't enough money on my card so car2go couldn't charge it after a trip.


I don't plan on using car2go in the future, but who knows, I still might

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