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Need Dispute and Clean-Up Advice

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Ok.. below is what I am working with.. accounts and current reported balances as well as which are reporting collections. I know it is a lot. I am trying to decide how to approach. Or maybe it is too soon as they are all still within my states SOL (MN) and I'd rather not awake sleeping giants. Is a blanket approach best here? And probably no online disputes? Or maybe I just let sleeping dogs lie for at least couple more years? I have built some positive history in the last year.. couple major cards and a car loan. But was looking to make more progress.. Current scores are mid 500s. Surprisingly I have no judgments. I have been sued but I have settled\worked out payment agreement on those for which I have noted below. I am not in any rush to make a huge purchase anytime soon. So waiting longer is not the end of the world. But If I can get more traction overall it would be great. Or I continue on and settle if creditors sue as we get closer to SOL. And before you ask, I make too much to file CH7 and CH13 would be 100% repayment. 




CFNA $1616 **DOFD 2/2015 **DOLA 7/2015

HUNTINGTON $0 **DOFD 1/2016 **DOLA 4/2016

HUNTINGTON $0 **DOFD 1/2016 **DOLA 2/2016

Verizon $4228 **DOFD 10/2016 **REPORTS MONTHLY

NFCU NavCheck - $10898  ** No 2yr History

NFCU nRewards $10527 **DOFD 1/2015 **REPORTS MONTHLY

NFCU cashRewards $5241 **DOFD 1/2015 **REPORTS MONTHLY

NFCU Auto $13737 **DOFD 2/2015 **REPORTS MONTHLY

CAP1 Quicksilver $3771 **DOFD 5/2015 **REPORTS MONTHLY

Synchrony\Lowes $680 **DOFD 2/2015 **DOLA 8/2016 

Barclay NFL $5974 **DOFD 2/2015 **DOLA 8/2015

Kohls\CAP1 $1172 **DOFD 2/2015 **DOLA 7/2015

Synchrony\Paypal $0 **DOFD 2/2015 **DOLA 5/2016

Discover $763 **DOFD 7/2015 **REPORTS MONTHLY 

Synchrony\Hom $0 **DOFD 2/2015 **DOLA 7/2015

Affinity Loan $19733  **DOFD 11/2014 **REPORTS MONTHLY -- Payment Agreement with Messerli & Kramer

Affinity Auto $10707 **DOFD 11/2014 **REPORTS MONTHLY -- Payment Agreement with Messerli & Kramer

Barclay $3254 **DOFD 2/2015 **DOLA 7/2015

Amazon $0 **DOFD 2/2015 **DOLA 7/2015 -- Payment Agreement with Rosenberg\Portfolio Recovery

Synchrony\Walmart $0 **DOFD 2/2015 **DOLA 7/2015 -- Payment Agreement with Rosenberg\Portfolio Recovery

Affinity CC $15519 **DOFD 11/2014 **DOLA 2/2015 -- Payment Agreement with Messerli & Kramer

Affinity LOC $11254 **DOFD 11/2014 **REPORTS MONTHLY -- Payment Agreement with Messerli & Kramer




Citibank\Sears $7918 **Calvary

Citibank\Sears $7396 **Portfolio Recovery

Citibank\HD $3149 **Portfolio Recovery -- Payment Agreement with Rosenberg\Portfolio Recovery

Cap1 Sony $802 **Portfolio Recovery

Synchrony $1463 **Portfolio Recovery

Synchrony $809 **Portfolio Recovery

Synchrony $904 **Calvary

Synchrony $3417 **Midland

Northbay $3025 **Hunter Warfield

Centerville Counseling $200 **Springer 

Medical $1783

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4 hours ago, birchwood99 said:

And probably no online disputes?

No online diputes, now or ever, except old addresses, phone numbers, employers, and once these get quite a bit older, early obsolete disputes.


You have a lot going on here, probably more than we can tackle in one thread.  Have you read all of the pinned topics in the Newbie section?  You really need a solid understanding of the fundamentals, even with help from other posters (which you will get).


First priority is avoiding lawsuits.


You will get through this...  just setting expectations.



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