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    • By Humbled82
      Hello Credit Board
      I am newbie to this forum, but have been lurking for a while. I had recently pulled my credit report and I am having major issues with my student loans. Apparently I have loans that have been transferred \ sold and now are with a new company. The original loan was open back in the 2000's but they are still showing on my credit report. I am not sure how I can have these removed. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. 
      Thank you in advance
    • By idonthaveaname
      I just wanted to share my strategy. I've written them many many good will letters and always get the generic response. I decided to message them on Facebook and I got an actual human in the states who responded the same. I then replied with a true sob story and the guy said he could remove 1 late payment from each card. This will change my life so much and hopefully raise my score. I just wanted to to share with you guys who might have issues with comenity
    • By lola2020
      I am working on cleaning up a few items on my credit reports and not sure which way to start.  There are two Paid Collection medical bills showing on my reports, which is hurting my ability to rebuild my credit after divorce.  They both are being reported by the same medical collection agency that is a local company where I live.  They are both old, but still have a couple years to fall off my reports.  One for $73 has a delinquency date of 3/2015, assigned to collections 1/2016, paid in full 7/2016.  Last reported to credit bureaus on 6/2017,    The other one for $164 has a delinquency date of 5/27/15, assigned to collections 10/2016, paid in full 12/2016 and was last reported on May 18, 2020.  Should I call them and request a goodwill adjustment to have them remove the reporting, write a goodwill letter, or move to the HIPAA letter?  
      I also have one account in collection status that I disagree with.  I had disputed it via the credit bureaus, but only got a notation in the credit reports that the debt was conforming, which I am sure means they contacted the collector and they said I owed the debt.  This is a credit card debt that appears to be sold to a collection agency.  The debt amount is $370, delinquency date 12/2018, turned to collection 6/2019.  I am not even sure what this is, but may just be continual late fee charges on account I though was closed.  Where should I start with this one?  Pay for delete or validation letter?
      I made the mistake of ignoring my credit report after divorce in 2016 and have a thin file, but these three things are seriously hurting my ability to get a credit card acceptance.  I don't want to keep having hard credit pulls for applications when I know these items are a big reason why I am being turned down.
      Thanks for letting me tell my story.
    • By L99
      Hi. Thanks everyone for push out of hopelessness. My scores have increased about 30 points each, and this without reflecting that I paid off a $2500 installment loan a week ago. Total paid off is about $7000 in 6 weeks.
      ·       My goal is to buy a home with an FHA loan around October 2021.
      ·       I have $2000 per month to put toward resolving these negatives.
      ·       I don't know if I can call BBVA and Net Credit and work out payment arrangements, or if I need to have all the money now. Scared to call—I keep hearing “don’t talk to them.”
      My question is what order to put these in based on how quickly it will impact my credit score.
      My options seem to be:
      1)    Resume student loan payments ASAP, over the next year just save the money monthly and pay BBVA first and then Net Credit, then down payment.
      2)    Pay BBVA first, resume paying student loans in September and then pay Net Credit over the next 12 months.
      Remaining negatives on credit report:
      Defaulted Student Loan
      ·       Wait 1-3 months and use that $850/month to work on the other two items?
      ·       $5600 charge-off as of Sept 2019
      ·       Planning to just pay it, assuming I'll have to pay in full but not sure
      Net Credit Financial Services
      ·       $6900 charge-off from Sept 2019
      ·       Planning to just pay it, assuming I'll have to pay in full but not sure
      When do I apply for the mortgage, by the way? How far ahead of when I want to close?
      THANK YOU!!!!
    • By chickenfritata
      Hi everyone, just looking for some advice...
      I'm in the last year of my 20s and have a very high debt in general. I blame my past self since after getting my first job, I was blinded by approvals of several credit cards and used them like cash. I would like to start my journey to a better credit score, especially since my 30s will probably consist of buying a home and having children with my fiance.
      Not really sure where to start... I'd like to start bringing down my debt but I feel so overwhelmed with everything that I have to pay for. I currently keep track of my money using a spreadsheet, but that doesn't mean anything if I don't actually try to pay off the debt I have... I recently paid off my Chase CC balance (that's why it's 0 right now) and an installment loan around $2,500.
      Would it be better to pay the closed accounts first (at least the ones accruing interest), or pay off the balance in my open accounts? Any advice would be helpful, thank you!
      With that being said, here are my stats:
      Credit scores
      Experian - 565 | Equifax - 582 | Transunion - 587
      Current monthly bills - ~$1240, including payments below
      Monthly salary - min $2,500
      *New job that just started this month; previously, I was earning around $1,200 a month
      Current savings - $3,000
      Chase - 0 (balance) / 500 (limit) @ (23.15%) min payment: $25
      Capital One Quicksilver - 1,519/1,500  @(22.90%) min payment: $44
      Capital One Platinum - 2,230/2,250 @ (22.90%) min payment: $70
      Bank of America - $2,110 @ (21.24%) min payment: $70
      Barclays - $920 @ (21.24%) min payment: $30
      CareCredit - $1,200 (under hardship assistance, interest no longer accruing) min payment: $22
      Nordstrom  - $1,915 (under hardship assistance, interest no longer accruing) min payment: $22
      PayPal - $1,083 (under hardship assistance, interest no longer accruing) min payment: $25

      Student Loans
      Sallie Mae - $25,000 (deferred payment, only paying $25 a month)
      Fed Loans - $16,000 (forbearance due to COVID19)

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