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Having trouble Getting Business credit, cant even establish as Im being denied

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Hello everyone,


Ive been trying to establish business credit but its been a pain in the bleep bleep. I have a 6 year old business. Ive been pretty much going about life without any credit from my business side and I have been supplementing my business with my personal (using my personal cards to pay for expenses)


I recently got a personal accountant and she advised me that I should not have been using my personal credit for my business. So about 6 months ago I opened up a bank account for my business. We werent making much when we first started but we hit 300k in revenue (stop laughing 😥 ) early this year and that made me feel the need to do things legitimately. We have 18 employees as well, 1 of which is a family member who was doing the books (college student, studying math). I am also looking at buying an office (ten times better than renting) and wanted to get it all financed


I was able to pay off my personal cards so my personal credit is in the 680s (myfico) but over the past few months, Ive only been able to get the following accounts


  • Picked Verizon as they didnt require anything from me upfront (sprint reqd a $100 per line, att reqd 30% down on each devise, tmobile reqd 75-80% down on each device)
  • Uline (bought $100 item and paid off quickly)
  • Quill (bought $100 item and paid off quickly)
  • Grainger (nothing ordered but may get a chair for the office for about a hundred or so)


Amazon, Newegg, Dell, Home Depot, Lowes all denied me.


Im at a loss here, how should I just go back to financing things with my personal? What else can I do to help my business grow further?


I was able to check my Experian score and it shows that I am a 44 (uline reporting) and my Paydex is nonexistent as only one account is showing up (quill or uline?)




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When did you begin applying for business lines of credit?   


It takes time to get trades established, D&B in particular seems a bit slow at listing new tradelines and establishing a PayDex score.   Give it some time and patience.  In the meantime, keep building NET 30 tradelines and use them regularly.  Develop NET 30 tradelines with your suppliers and companies you regularly do business with.


My most recent tradeline was an Amazon NET 55 account with no PG and a $5000 CL, but I had to establish other, more basic NET 30's first.   


Do you have any business credit cards?  You may want to look at obtaining a business credit card as they'll use your personal credit in the decision making process.  You should be ok as long as personal FICO is north of 660, that seems to be the hard cutoff point.  Look for a card that does not report to your personal credit (I understand some Capital One Biz Card's report to personal credit) but reports to business credit agencies like D&B, Experian Business, and Equifax Business.  A personal guarantee will be required.  

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