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I just rec'd a letter from TU stating my dispute for a collection that is over eight years old came back verified.


History: In 2016 I came to terms with the dreaded reality I needed to look at my credit reports.  I paid for a TU credit report online and saved it in a PDF file. It showed an open collection with a JDB with an estimated drop off date of 3/2017. There never was any payment history reported; only OPEN DATE of 4/22/2014. It did in fact drop off my credit report.


Fast forward to last month it was reinserted on TU with a new JDB with all the same information showing no payment history but the same OPEN DATE. And now TU says it will remain on my credit report until 2021.


Here's the problem: the reported account numbers between these JDB's are completely different with xxxx at the end but all the rest of the information is identical. I am positive this is the same collection and it has been re-aged and is way past the 7 year, 180 days CR timeline.


Does this make sense that the acct #'s are different?  Does this happen where the acct numbers are different? And no I do not have any statements from the OC.


Thank you in advance for your time and patience.





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There was no insurance involved for it was for dental braces. The collection dropped my fico by 80 pts on TU


Before it was reinserted and re-aged I was approved for a Barclaycard with a $1500 credit limit and a modest used car loan for $5K after our '95 Dodge Ram was stolen right in front of our house. 


I use the cc every month and never charge more than 30% of credit line and I have perfect payment history with them only allowing $2 to report. But Barclay's probably has or will find out that my TU fico has plummeted and I worry of AA.

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Follow the guides;


https://whychat.me/GUIDE HIPAA PROGRAM.html

When you get your reports check them VERY carefully for ANY discrepancies such as alternate spelling of your name, alternate SS#s unknown addresses etc.


Send the initial dispute letter to TU ( and any other CRA that is reporting this account)



I would guess that your TU report ( and possibly your other reports) have been poisoned by a JDB ( junk debt buyer) and/or you are a victim of ID theft/fraud.


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