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two quick dispute questions, please

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1st- can a negative account that was a charge off show the balance and charge off amount to be one amount and listing a past due amount to be different? EQ is listing an account showing both balance owed and charge off amount to be $185.00 and amount owed at just $25.00


2nd - My Eq report is showing some old charge off's reporting payment histories that arent correct-example, i have an old AMEX that was DOFD 04/12 but its showing that i was in 'paid or paying agreed- green status ' every month till last month except for  random months listed as ' CO'- can i dispute this for removal based on incorrect info being reported? i never made a payment on that account since 2012.  I have a number of older negatives reporting this kind of history.



Thanks alot in advance for any input!

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The fact that you are referencing 'green' says you are not looking at a true report on paper direct from the bureau.


Take NO action on a dispute without physical paper reports firmly in your hands.  ANYTHING online, even if from the website of the four major bureaus, leaves you at risk of screwing things up simply because they are not accurate.


Once you have the paper reports, THEN come back and pose the questions...

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not necessarily. EX paper reports are in color and show color coded status symbols each month.

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im in no real hurry- i can wait for paper reports if i have too. but i was under the impression that if im seeing reports online because i WAS going to dispute online ( i wasnt-i was checking the report for errors ) i could be sure those reports were accurate.


anyway, could i possibly get a deletion due to incorrect info on those, or would they just update info? if thats the case, id probably leave them alone.

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Your impression is incorrect. You only dispute from paper reports. Even the back doors can be different especially relating to payment details. 


However, what are you going to dispute that the account wasn't actually paid those months and should be reporting CO? That's a good way to get it glued to your report forever.


What you need to do is pinpoint specific things wrong with the reporting, 5 or 6 for each account. Then you use the jack attack method to dispute them all at once except hold back a couple for a second round of disputes if necessary. If the payment history is incorrect you want to dispute derogatory payment history that's incorrect, not positive. 

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