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Authorized User-Victoria’s Secret

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Good morning!


Does anyone know if Victoria’s Secret reports for authorized users? I am trying to help my fiancé build his credit and I can’t seem to find anything that states whether they report AU’s.


Thank you!

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I don't know the specific answer to your question, but that card is issued by Comenity.  


VS doesn't service the accounts, Comenity does, so you might find some threads that discuss Comenity and AUs.


If you carry a balance on this card and/or you occasionally let a balance report against a relatively low limit, you might want to target a different card to add him as an AU.

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Thank you CV. I’ve tried searching here and the WWW for an answer based off VS or comenity with no luck. 


I thought it it was worth a try as it has a $1500 limit and usually no balance. Right now there is like $90. He has zero open accounts (and 3 small baddies).


I have a lot of positive tradleines with ample credit limits. Unfortunately my (ex) husband and I are still joint on EVERYTHING. VS is the only thing that is just in my name.

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