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I lost the ability to defer my loans after consolidation


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I consolidated my undergraduate and graduate loans almost two years ago. All of my loans are federal, unsubsidized. At that time, I was told that all my undergraduate deferments and forbearances would reset as if no time was used. I did use some months of unemployment deferment between undergraduate and graduate studies.


I recently applied for an unemployment deferment and was denied. The servicer said I had used the maximum amount of 36 months. I asked when, considering they have only held my loans for less than two years. They gave me the dates for my current consolidation loan, which only total 18 months. They told me even though they can’t see when the other 18 months may have been used, I have to take their word that I have no more. They said the 36 months of unemployment deferments are per person, not per loan, effectively eliminating all available unemployment deferments on the consolidated graduate loans which have only been deferred for 18 months. 


I would not have consolidated if I knew I would lose valuable deferment time. It was just easier at the time to manage one loan than a half dozen individual loans. 


Is this something new? I don’t recall this being an issue when I consolidated my undergraduate loans. 

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It very well might be something new. I consolidated two loans in '06, and I had just as much forbearance and deferments as before. If you have none left, have you tried getting on an Income Based Repayment plan? Your payments could be 0, and you won't have to worry about deferments.

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The last post in this topic was posted 1617 days ago. 


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