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Hi everyone. Long time lurker, first time poster.


A little about me and my dubious history with credit. At 18, I opened my first credit card. Made a few payments and then totally ignored it for the next few years. off to a very auspicious start. 


I've had car loans here and there. most were paid on time. Some weren't. Never really had credit cards until a few years ago. I paid those sporadically. Credit was secondary to everything. 


Fast forward to today. Ive been working on my credit for a little while and have been making progress. I currently have mostly credit builder cards with low limits. a majority have been paid on time for the past year. 

1- $200 secured card. All payments have been on time. had it less than a year. One 30 day late payment according to them, due to a billing error. had little success having them remove it.

2- $300 Capital One Platinum that they are super reluctant to give any kind of credit limit increase on even though I have 15 months of on time payment history on that card. 

3-$300 indigo card. No late payments. 

4- Fingerhut. 7 months old. Paid on time

5- Last but not least, Myjewelryclub- 5k limit. Strictly for utilization. 

6- Wells Fargo Dealer Services. 3 years in. 30% on time payments. theres the big issue. Current for the last 6 months but spotty before that. have 30-60 day late payments. Strictly my fault. Everything is on autopay at this point. That way I never get behind again. 


I started at a 485 score. Im currently 550-580 depending on which one you're looking at.  Watching the score go up is definitely addicting. 


Now for my next question. Even though I've paid on time for over a year with Capital One, they refuse to give any sort of CLI. They're using the late payments on the truck as one of the reasons. But beyond that, Im looking for guidance as to what to do next. The only high limit anything I have is the jewelry club card. So I'm asking the Credit Board members to help a reformed credit abuser and point me in the right direction. 


Thanks for reading. 







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Best thing you can NOW is pay on time.  The banks are right...those lates are EXTREMELY FRESH and are NOT a sign of fiscal responsibility.


Next best thing is to throw some money at a decently sized secured card.  There are plenty out there that allow up to $5K.  Toy cards like you have now will leave you stuck in toy card hell, especially when you are dwelling in subprime-land.

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capital one is pretty tight fisted. I did have one auto CLI from them after 6 months, but I don't think anything beyond that. At one point, I had a QS and a Mastercard and just ended up merging them to get as high a limit as I could. I also have a buypower card through them but they barely acknowledge that even exists. it's pretty much impossible to tell what will make them budge.


on the flip side, discover appears to be pretty loose. they gave me a small CL ($2500) but within a couple of months, they auto CLI'd it +300 and then granted a +300 CLI request. when I opened it, I did to a BT to it that almost maxed it out (and I've been paying ~$200 a month on it).


store cards are generally frowned upon here but if you are going to use them, it's probably worth an app or two, such as target. synchrony was nice to me when I was restarting out (amazon, old navy), but they were very picky about utilization, even chasing down my amazon at one point (from $2500 to $2300) but after paying down balances across all cards, they've been very positive. amazon is now at $6K and old navy is now at $5K.

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Thanks Bradk14. 


Went for the automated CLI at Capital one yesterday, and got $100 on my wifes card. lol. 


So to resurrect this, I going to open a secured card this week. I have a couple of questions.


1: Whats everyones recommendation for a good secured card?

2: Are there any cards that allow multiple users? I would love to put myself and my wife on the secured card together. Not sure if thats possible. 

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The last post in this topic was posted 912 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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