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Kaiser bill turned over to USCB for collection

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I live in northern California. In February, 2018 I went to Kaiser ER.  I was horribly sick with the flu.  I had Kaiser through MediCal but had lost my MediCal on December 31, 2017 because I had gone back to work.  I make too much to qualify for MediCal but cannot afford insurance and my employer does not provide any benefits.  My Kaiser bill is for $2,880.  I cannot pay it all at once.  I had tried to make $50 payments to stop if from going to collections, but they turned it over to USCB anyway.  I am married and we have an 8 year old disabled daughter. My wife is her care provider and has virtually no monthly income.  My gross monthly income is under $3,400 per month for a family of three.

I have not yet received anything in the mail from USCB, but Kaiser told me it had been turned over to them.  I called USCB and they want me to pay it all at once or pay $200 per month.  I cannot afford to do either.  Any suggestions? 

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The hospital has no motivation or obligation to engage in drip payments, especially since they have notices all over the place about being responsible for any payments not covered by insurance.  I doubt they have sold it.  They all tend to have a placement office where delinquent paper goes for collection.  But not all medical collections make their way to a report provided the patient steps up to the plate to engage in payments.   


Do you have a card that it can be placed onto? 


Oh, and in the future, avoid the ER for anything like a simple case of the flu.  Find the nearest quack in a box.  Saw one for an abscessed tooth a year or so ago (only went because the facial swelling was SO severe that it impacted eyesight) and it set me back a whopping fifty bucks plus the $15 for a generic prescription antibiotic at the store using a GoodRX coupon.  A trip to the ER would likely have been far higher...


Even WITH insurance, the ER is NEVER the place to go for routine medical care (and yes, flu IS routine at its most basic level). 

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The flu that went around this past year was deadly, often becoming bacterial pneumonia. My brother had it it,went to a doc in the box, got misdiagnosed as "flu" and almost died. He was in the hospital for 5 days. 


Doctors and hospitals do sell their receivables because they need the cash. Wait and see what they do next. don't want to get yourself sued.

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Sorry for your problem. Did you qualify for insurance under the current programs with assistance?? Did you TRY to sign up for "Obamacare" for yourself and your family?? 



Meanwhile try applying for Care Credit



Also, your bill from the hospital may be reduced if you can get the figures as to what the DISCOUNTED amount would have been if you HAD been insured;




Meanwhile, protect your credit by opting out and getting your current credit reports in the event you need to dispute anything on your reports






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