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CA will not supply address


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21 hours ago, dsctrying said:

Just following up and looks like the CA and sorority have dropped the matter after the letter I sent with the help of this forum. Thanks again. Credit number is now 725!

Congratulations on conquering this!!  And thank you for posting the update.

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Well I thought that was the end of this but got a call from the same CA today demanding payment even though I've sent certified mail not to contact me. When I mentioned this the caller ignored this and kept talking threats such as putting on my credit reports.


In response to my demand for validation, they had sent only a list of charges on a spread sheet. No signed contract, which there is none.


Is there something I should do or just ignore this?

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Did the creditor ever send you any kind of notification letter in the mail? With the documents they send to you (i.e. the spreadsheet), was there any other kind of documentation with it? 


I will let the true legal advisers on here chime in, but if it were me personally, I would start making their life hell. File with the BBB (if there a valid company), Ohio Attorney Generals office, etc. If they have not followed the FDCA to a T, then you absolutely have a leg to stand on. 


Sorry your having to deal with this. This sounds a bit crazy and outrageous. 

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I would repeat the  advice:


  1. take your story (with documentation) to the student newspaper
  2. send a formal complaint letter to the Dean of Students with documentation
  3. send a formal complaint letter to the national headquarters of the sorority with documentation
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Thanks but the student newspaper has confirmed they would not publish this, my advisor has advised the school would not become involved and the sorority headquarters is the source of the CA being used. Yes the creditor sent an email with the charges and the CA did send back a kind of documentation in the form of a spread sheet of all charges since joining with no proof that I ever agreed to pay these kinds of charges, which was requested in my certified letter.


I'll file complaints as AlabamaSteve suggests and with CFPB as my dad suggested. Thanks!

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Is there any way to get this resolved quickly. At this point I am willing to pay if I need to rather than take months to resolve this because I do need that loan eright away. But I know settling the CA won't get it removed from my reports.

CA has now placed it on my reports with all 3 CRA's. I thought this was over after the last round of letters. It's not holding up approval for my senior year student loan? Any advice? At this point as it may take months to have it removed I'm under the gun for the student loan. Can't believe they can do this!

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WHO is the third-party at issue?  With the claim that the national office is the "source" then it again raises the question of WHO is actually seeking to collect and WHO is reporting, to say nothing of the question of HOW it is reporting. 


With the assertion that it is not holding up any loans, then there are no immediate damages to be claimed. 


There are reasons that I have always maintained that one is best served to draft specific letters tailored to the set of facts for a given situation, using State law as appropriate (especially since they are sometimes far more effective than federal law). 

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sorry darn apple word fill-changed "now" to "not" so CORRECTION-  this IS holding up my private loan for my senior year. To the best of my knowledge, it's the local sorority chapter that's hired the collection agency and it's the CA that's showing on my reports. Had to borrow the money to pay my tuition from my dad who is a senior for this semester and not sure what I'll do about next semester's expenses at this point. 


The sorority had never had an issue with my missing events until I notified them I was leaving. I am a special needs student at OSU and had to bow out for reasons connected to that.


The actual charges for that last semester in Spring 2018 was $172. The rest of the $2335 they're demanding is missed-event fees, which again I notified them I had to miss, and late fees and penalties associated with the event fees. Incredible they can get away with this!


Before this my credit number was 785. Not sure what damage this has done.

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Well at first the CA would not supply their address which I got eventually and now  a year later, the CA has placed an entry on my reports and my student loan has been denied so I am going to start over with the fuller story.


I am a student and Ohio State Univ. in Columbus, OH set to graduate this coming May and already have my job offer  in my field which is Finance when I graduate, but not being able  to secure my loans will put that all in question. For the current semester I have borrowed the money from my Dad who is a senior on a fixed income but there's nothing more he can do going forward and he was counting on my loan to reimburse him.


From 2015 till Spring of 2018 I was a member of a sorority here called Alpha Gamma Delta. I am also a special needs student registered with the OSU Disabilities Services Dept which has advocated for me in several academic issues. To be registered I had to go through extensive tasting and submit extensive medical diagnosis history.  


During the fall of 2017 I was unable to keep up, due to my disability, with the activities required by the sorority and discussed at the suggestion of the Disability Services Dept. with the house manager in Dec of 2017 that I was a Disability Services registered student and need to cut back on the activities. I did this verbally because I was concerned that anything in writing could fall into the wrong hands and a condition that I am very sensitive about becoming public would not be kept in confidence. 


I reviewed this with Disability Services Dept and they assured me any sorority house manager would be sensitive to an issue like this. They did offer to verify my status if the sorority contacted them and I gave the sorority the contact information to do that. I was told the sorority would "do it's best" but that activities each needed excuse forms sent for each activity I would miss. And that they would contact Disability Services if they felt the need. They never did that and I had the impression they thought I was faking my condition.


In reviewing my billing in Feb 2018, I noticed that some of the events for which I had submitted excuse forms the fall prior had charged missing event fees and got nowhere getting them reversed, discussed with my counselor at Disabilities Services and made the decision to drop out. I did pay my Spring 2018 dues in Feb that year including the missed event fees and informed them I was dropping out


In May of 2018 I received a notice from sorority, that I owed $2,335 to the sorority. I contacted the sorority several times and received the attached invoice from them. As you can see, After 2/1/18 payment of $1096.91 there was a zero balance due. From there forward there were 8 entries for 53 social events they claimed I missed between March 2 and March 15 without excuse forms, which is untrue and I kept copies of the forms, for a total of $2,260. One entry is for $1,880 for 47 recruitment events that took place during one 5-day period.


After the last time I spoke with the sorority and they were completely not flexible I received a notice from Premier Credit of North America in Indianapolis IN.  


I  contacted an attorney who helped me write letters pointing out that according the Federal and OH state laws, I was entitled to see the signed document that was my promise to pay these items and evidence they had an agreement with the creditor to collect the alleged debt. 


The CA replied with the attached cover letter and a form for me to fill out and nothing else.

I received a new invoice from the sorority attached with a few changes. A credit now appeared for half the fees that were charged for the 47 instances of the recruitment events, but now added a $778.45 "Collection Fee." And other late fees.


As you can see on the invoice, without the missed-event fees and penalties and late fees caused by them, the total of legitimate items is $172.69 The CA offered to take $500 off the $2335.34 as a discount.


Then I sent another letter warning the CA not to place this on my credit reports. 

Last month I was turned down for my student loan for the first time. Requested a copy of my reports and the Adverse item show  the CA, Premier Credit, and the amount $2,335.34.


After 2/1/18 payment of $1096.91 there was a zero balance due.


From that point forward, here is the summary of charges:




Alpha Gamma Late-Fees


3/2/18 Missed Every Chapter-           $    120

3/2/18  Spirit Weekend-                           120

3/5/18 Missing 47 rounds recruitment- 1880

3/6/18 Chapter Miss-                                 20

3/26/18 Chapter Miss                                 20

4/12/18 Missing Nighttime Nachos-          40

4/19/18 Chapter Miss                                 20

4/19/18 Missing IRD                                    40


Total  missed event fees                     $2,260

Reversed fees credit                              -$940

Subtotal                                              $1,320


Collection Agency Fee                         $778.45


Total fees +

Collection Agency fee                      $2,098.45


Now trying to collect total.               $2335.34 ( includes $124.86 in late fees which wouldn’t have been charged without the balance created by the missed-event fees)


Actually owed excluding fees and missed event penalties which should have been excused:


2/11/18 Bomber Crewneck    $40

2/11/18 Mandella T-shirt       17.50

2/11/18 Navy Crewneck         27

3/2/18 Feb Service Week       40

3/9/18 Formal                          35.64

3/16/18 Greek Wk Shirts        12.55

Total                                        $172.69








I also filed a complaint with CFPB which seems nothing resolved except they published it. No reply from the CA.

I have contacted OSU Disability Services and they say they can not intervene in non-academic issues.  They have referred me to OSU’s ADA Grievance Coordinator and I’m waiting for a call back and the OSU Sorority and Fraternity Life Center and waiting for a call back there too.


Needless to say, time is important. I need to clear this asap to get my student loans approved. It’s a total scam, but I guess I may have to settle with them? Any help is much appreciated.  

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The last post in this topic was posted 1196 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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