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Requesting CLI

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Hi all. I have a general question regarding requesting credit limit increases.


When requesting an increase, is there a guideline to know how much we should request?


Logically, the lower the increase you request, it should be more likely you're approved. But you risk leaving potential credit on the table.


On the flipside, if you ask for too much, you're more likely to be denied. Would the CCC counter with a lower increase? 


I recently had several limits automatically increased, CapOne from 1800 to 4600, Discover from 1700 to 2100, and Barclays from 1000 to 2800.


I decided to poke Amex, and ask them to increase me from 1000 to 2500 - and it was instantly approved. Getting the instant bump sure was nice, but made me wonder if I should have asked for more.


I also have a Chase Amazon Prime Card which has yet to get any love, and it's one I swipe almost every day (I work in a pharmacy, near a Whole Foods... 2% back at the Pharmacy, 5% back at Whole Foods), so I regularly make heavy use of my $1000 limit, and pay it down every month. I'd definitely like a CLI on this card, but from what I can tell I'd have to call and talk to a person. How should I know what I should ask for?

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Check out the Master CLI thread that Kat linked.


Amex gives out no-HP 3x CLIs like clock work (see thread).  Chase on the other hand is rather stingy with the CLIs, and they do require you to call in and take a HP.

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You should be asking Disco for a CLI via the online portal every 2-3 weeks. 


You can log in to CapOne and request a CLI.   They might tell you to kick rocks since they just gave you an auto CLI but who cares?  If they do, set a date in your calendar for 6 months out and try again. 


Barclays just gave you a CLI so don't waste your time with those clowns. 


AMEX set a date on your calendar 6 months out.


If you use the Chase Amazon frequently, pay the balance to $0 and let the card sit 4 or 5 days.  Chase re-reports to the bureaus if you pay the card to $0, so you want that report to go through and give you the best possible score.  Then call Chase and request a CLI.  It will be a hard INQ but it doesn't matter.  If they ask you the amount you want, tell them $10K.  They'll counter if you don't qualify for the full amount. 

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