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copies of docs with sigs or not?

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not a huge deal but i'm curious what is the norm here. when i signed for my heloc yesterday it took mere minutes then when i was done she handed me a folder with copies of all the documents she made before i arrived. obviously unsigned. 


does a customer normally get copies that theyve signed or not a big deal? basically is there any instance years down the road where i'm gonna wish i had all the signed/notarized documents?

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For it to take 'mere minutes' raises the bigger question of whether, years down the road, you will wish you took more time reading that stack of documents you signed. 


You SHOULD be able to get copies bearing signature.  I've not been involved in a HELOC transaction but in the purchase and refi that I sat through many years ago, it would have taken a while to make copies of the signed documents on the date of the transactions.  However, they provided copies a few weeks later.  They were not happy with us because I AM one of those people that reads through line by line even when it looks like boilerplate language. 

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oh i saw most of them via email before i went there and looked at the rest there but it really was pretty simple. 


i know on 1st mortgage you def will sit there for 1 hour while they make copies of signed stuff. shouldnt be a big deal for them to scanmail them to me either id think. and i did look through all when i got home in detail and i have until tuesday for recission. but no need to . i'm thrilled with the terms and that i got my heloc so soon after BK



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