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    • By bruiseviolet
      Long story short, have an old judgement, that while it isn't showing on my credit reports, shows up as public record when the mortgage company pulled my credit.  I have to get it paid/settled/removed in order for them to approve my mortgage loan.  How can I best protect my assets while I try and settle with them?  So far I have been able to fly under their radar as I am self employed, have a different bank account and don't have any auto loans.  I know since the judgement they have tried to get information in court from companies I have done contract work for, so I know they are diligently trying to garnish wages from me.  How can I protect my bank account while I am in contact with them to settle the judgement and get it taken care of?  
    • By yosshimura
      I had an accident earlier this year, car was totaled, insurance paid capital one, and there was a portion I still owed ($4K) to Cap 1 on the loan due to being upside down. I called Cap 1, made payment arrangements, made my payments on auto pay.
      I went to apply for a car loan a couple weeks ago and bank said I had a charge off from Cap 1.. I logged in an see the account has a zero balance, and asking to contact them. I am about to call them, but my score just dropped significantly.
      Any suggestions on how to remedy this? I can just pay it off, but there was no warning from them that it would be charged off if I went with the “making payments” option.
    • By Kickdrum
      I have Ex 710 but my TU and EQ are crap. My driving record is clean and I'm over 40, my rate should be low but amfam is using my TU score and thus my premium is nuts. When I called a person working in my agent's office she said they draw from all of them which I know is not true because I just got a letter from my insurance company saying that they had just pulled me on TU to rate me. So rather than call all over the countryside and get the same answer from people because they don't know what I'm really asking or they don't actually know the information I'm looking for, I'm asking here because this is where the experts are. What auto insurance company pulls Experian? 
    • By Zanshiro
      So, in my line of work, I often come across customers and try to give a nudge in the right direction towards keeping good credit and how to do so  One such client got all credit cards cleared but one now (Which they're working on) but has a massive hurdle in the form of a car loan from good ol' JD Byrider (A pox upon their name).  They have a 2007 Chevy Impala with over 100,000 miles...and owe about 22,000 on it still, generously speaking worth 2-4k private sale.  Even on a pure electric vehicle lease, I can't eat that negative equity in a payment they can afford, and their credit isn't up to the point yet they can clear the massive back-end of it with a solid loan.  (Hospital negative they're working on where the husband was hit in an accident, the other person's insurance paid all the bills but one, that one is on his reports)  But that's the only negative on his, just very recent, his FICO 08 was a 625 at time of pull..but the LTV prohibits a refinance of the vehicle.
      Their finance company through JD Byrider (Pox again upon their name) was Regional Acceptance, appears to be a rate of about 26.4%...and the 6 years will come due in a year and a half.  With a $280/mo payment, that obviously wouldn't clear it, and they have no idea where their bill of sale/lending contract is.  I advised them to call the company and see if they can get that...but do any of you know offhead since I don't deal with Regional if they do balloon loans on vehicles for JD and the like?  As I don't see that balance just vanishing at the end of contract.  And what would be their best bet at this piont?  I'm thinking I'd try to have them get a card, and lift some of that debt from car to 0% offers if they can get enough on it ,then a personal loan for the remainder to escape RA's clutches?  Thoughts welcome, because that one is a boggle to me.
    • By Kickdrum
      Utilization Consolidation Optimization only using EX HELP! 
      EQ538 TU587 EX638 
      Amex blue 10K /  4K bal 
      Amex Every 10K / 7500 bal 
      BOA Alaska Air 4500/ 3900 bal 
      DISC 6300/ 4200 bal
      BECU     2K/ 1500 bal 
      Cap 1  800/ 0 bal 
      CITI   1K/0 bal 
      Credit one 950/ 0 bal 
      First Premier 1K / 0 bal 
      First Premier  400/ 0 bal 
      Student loan 9500/ 9270 bal 

      I was at 690-710 on my scores then loaded my cards, killing my scores from over utilization. 
      Along the way I was dealing with a federal agency penalty which before it got through with the appeal/contesting/adjudication the person I was dealing with retired, and the division of the agency closed now sending all penalties directly to Treasury. Soooo Treasury’s Bureau Of Fiscal Service is the taxpayers collection agency and they are tough. Sent me a notice of intent to garnish me (they can only take 15% after tax) and hit EQ and TU with a 40K collection!  One of the listings said the account start date was 01/01/0001 that’s 1000 years before the crusades. So my credit repair person immediately verify challenges them. They have now come back twice updated with more info and amounts claimed, My insurance will cover part of it and I have a attorney doing the adjudication challenge with Treasury but the process is slow, maybe a year.  So even though the debt is not being avoided by me, and hasn’t been confirmed, they are jamming me up on the bureaus. Im trying a third time verification with EQ TU maybe the govt shutdown will help them miss the 60 day window.  But I’m dead on those bureaus.  I tried my CU but they pulled TU and that’s how I found out about the Treasury listing. 
      I know my EX score is low from loading up my cards, won’t a consolidation loan get my score back up? 
      EX has 5 inquires 3/18 11/17 11/17 11/17 10/17
      I’ve gotten the typical mailing from BestEgg and was about to click the button but waited, wanting more info.  Here on Pulls it looks like they only pull EX? I need to figure out how, if it’s possible for me to do this.  
      In the mean time I need to get a car, a person I’ve been working with says the finance person has banks that only pull EX.  
      I have a good job, 70K  at it 8 months, went to school last year to get the job. years of credit history, only 3 lates from over two years ago. 
      1. Where how to get consolidation loan to put out card fires.  
      2. Apply for consolidation or car loan first? 
      3. If I can get more then I need on consolidation should I take it and use extra to pay down balance then it will show less then 100% on my report and now count as bad?
      4. Is there any hope I can pull this off? 
      5. The BestEgg prequalified offer is good only till Jan 9 so time is ASAP crucial, I haven't clicked through on it yet so they haven't run me, and they are emailing me to continue. 
       Thank you for any and all help!!!!!

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