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Did my first dispute...results not clear

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Hello all,


Pulled my CR for the first time in 10 years.  I am 50yrs old and noticed I had no new activity for the last 5 yrs...just my monthly mortgage pmt for the last 20 yrs and my truck loan paid off in 2013.   Out of those two accounts I do have a lot of late payments.  Mortgage (Chase) has 30 lates between Nov-2011/Sept-2017 and paid off closed truck (Santander) has 12 lates from Nov-2011/Feb-2013.  trying to clean report up I did an online dispute with transunion thru Credit karma disputing all my lates.  just got an email with dispute results stating the following below.   Went straight to my CR and the only thing that changed was my name format.  Just didn't know what the next step would be to try to rid of lates or if I should wait to see if anything changes/updates.  didn't know changes if any should reflect immediately?


Thanks, Noob


Item Results

Result: Disputed Information Updated And Other Information Updated - The item you were disputing has been updated, and there have also been some updates to your account info. You’ll see all of these changes on your report.

Dispute Reasons

Accuracy: The amounts, other than balance and/or past due, are incorrect.


The payment history/rating is incorrect






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To understand what changed you need to look at the payment history on the account before and after the dispute.

I don't know why you disputed the late if you were indeed late on the payments. You should have tried a goodwill removal request with the original creditor and/or early exclusion of the negative information for the ones that happened in 2011 with the credit bureaus.

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I think a goodwill request is a waste of time. They sometimes work with a well crafted letter when you have one late from something plausible but not with a pattern of frequent lates. I don't know of anything that can be done unless you can point to a specific item that isn't reported correctly.

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The last post in this topic was posted 941 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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