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Help! My new secured bank loan disappeared from EQ!


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In late May, I received a $500 secured loan from my credit union - which showed on reports and raised scores by mid June.  I  have already made first  payment, and second payment coming up.  My best score  was EQ, 658.  Over this past weekend, I opened Cap One Secured MC, $49 deposit, $200 line.   I am awaiting card.  So Far, so good.  This afternoon, I decided to review my EQ score and report...low and behold, my score went down a whopping 70 points...and.....my bank loan entry was gone!!!!   Report shows

only one open, in good standing, account! Should have shown two  (and soon three, once MC is activated.)   I called EQ,.and the only thing they could come up with was that my bank failed to report.  But I know it was on the report - last month - so any ideas as to what happened?  It was too late to call my bank -- but  will do so first thing in the morning,

So weird -- and rather unsettling.  


Also....I have a GM charge off from 2016  which shows as open , reporting as recently as July 2018, yet indicates it ws closed - and doesn't show date closed. 

Also shows that its in dispute. Glad about that.

Still, I really don't get it.  Car was supposedly auctioned off in 2016, yet, I never received any notice of sale - or communication regarding the amount it was sold for.  

The charge off amount (approx. $3500)

has been the same as original outstanding balance -; however, shouldn't it reflect final balance remaining post sale of car In 2016 ?- When all of this happened, I TRIED to discuss

pay for delete with collection mgr -- and he adamantly refused.  Would love to get this removed  since it won't fall off for another 5 years.  

Otherwise, no derrogatories, only one baddie - but really need to build credit - which is why I 'm so ticked about bank loan not showing.


Questions;  Any  thoughts on bank loan dis?appearing from EQ and a 70 pt drop?   Any suggestions re charge off ? Should I try PFD letter?

Many thanks in advance for any  suggestions.



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1) if the data is not from an actual, on paper and in hand report, it may ALWAYS be disregarded

2) there is no requirement for the furnisher to report

3) disregard ANYTHING coming from a third-party

4) if in doubt about #3, see item #1

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Thanks for the replies.  Yes, I have hard copy of the report - which shows that the bank loan info, which


was originally on report, is now off.    Spoke to bank this a.m,   they had already contacted the


'processing company" - and doing everything they can to fix as soon as possible.  Will follow up.

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20 minutes ago, Stormandshadow said:

Of course I did not rely on Credit Karma!  When I saw a 70 pt drop and noticed that the loan was NOT showing on the report, I immediately called Equifax directly.  Equifax, not CK, provided information.

Did Equifax provide you with an "Equifax Score," a "Vantage Score," or a "FICO Score"? 

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The last post in this topic was posted 1664 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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