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Help! My new credit line disappeared from EQ!

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Hi all.   I applied for the unsecured Discover IT - as I read that they pulled Equifax (my highest at 658).  Foolish mistake on my part -- because I would have been okay with secured, although I would not choose Discover for secured.  Of course, they pulled Experian (my worst at 545) .  I am down to two,  albeit,  one big baddie - a 2016 charge off ($3600) by GM, but have opened only one new credit line - in years -- so really need to get that going as well. Up until around three months ago, I had no inquiries on my reports.

I made the mistake of going to an auto lease broker - didn't realize that in addition to the scores he pulls,   car manufacturers separately pull scores as well.  I wound up with four total inquiries.  A few weeks later,  I opened a line (secured loan) with my credit union, and my scores went up - Equifax in particular.  I realized that I really needed to open more lines ...so I figured I would try Discover. Rejected.  So...I now have five inquires on my reports - and no card - secured or otherwise.

My question :  I would like to apply for the Cap One Secured (not taking any chances), but that will mean yet another inquiry.  Should I wait before I apply for the card?  If so, how long? I realize that the benefits of adding the credit line may outweigh the risk of another inquiry, but not sure about this.  Any thoughts, suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.


PS - Preapprovals from Cap One online and via mail - for Quicksilver....but even so, I'm  reluctant to apply - don't want to take another chance.

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inquiries don't matter.


a couple of secured cards sound like a plan.


a lot depends on why your scores are so low.


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Inquiries were invented so people could get credit.  Without them it's just a bunch of credit data sitting on a server.

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OP's post looks copied and pasted from this thread for whatever reason, but with a new title that makes no sense... RIF


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    • By iammagi
      I can't search by credit card anymore on the Credit Pulls Database. Am I on the wrong site? This sucks now. It's virtually useless.
    • By mendelssohn
      Today, after more than 4 years of waiting, the LAST of my delinquent student loans were deleted from EX!!! I had 3 accounts that were hanging on EX too long because of "OK" marking inserted towards the end of the string of late payments. A CFPB dispute finally got me in touch with someone at Navient that could get these removed. And finally, a good EX FICO!

      Here's an outline of my rebuilding story:
      2011-I joined CB that summer but didn't start doing anything in terms of credit repair. I read CB non-stop. At that point, I was behind on my bills and needed to get caught up before taking the first step. I wanted to buy a house, and knew I had a lot of work to do with my credit.
      2012-in January, I started rebuilding my credit. I had about every negative you can imagine except BK or a judgement. I had NO open credit until I opened my first CC in March, an Orchard Bank Visa with a $300 limit. Fortunately that card is now with Cap1. I opened 4 CCs that year. Most of my time was focused on cleaning up reports. -                                                             -
      -                                                                               -
      2013-I found out I was eligible for NFCU through my brother and opened a CC, CLOC, a Barclays Rewards MC and a Walmart CC in June. By the end of the year, most of my negatives that could be removed were gone.
      2014-The only remaining negatives on my reports at the beginning of the year were some old car loan lates with Santander (burn in hell!) and my student loans, about 40 of them. In February, I was approved for Amex, Chase and Discover. I applied for a lot of cards in 2014 and worked on strategies to build higher limits, and also started chasing CC rewards. In 2014, I also started a rebuilding thread to track the rest of my progress: https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=524818                                 -
      -                                                                                                     -
      2015-This was the year of the business CC app for me. Less personal cards, more business cards. I was also able to dispute all of my student loans as obsolete with the CRAs except the 3 remaining on EX that were finally deleted today. I was also able to buy a house in December, the whole reason I came to CB in the first place.
      2016-FINALLY done! I was able to get Santander deleted from EQ, but it remains as my only negative on EX and TU. At this point, after trying every trick in the book, I am just going to let it age off.
      The only FICO I had when I started was a TU 08, which was 419! My EQ is now 803, which is 384 points higher!!!                              .
      -                                                                                                       -
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      What I've learned:
      -                                                                                    .
      Read CB like a second job. Not only can you do credit repair yourself way better than a credit repair company, the best information and resources on credit repair are right here. You just need to put in some time researching and reading.
      .                                       .                                                     .
      If you live in TX, read the TX DV thread. That, combined with the 1-2 punch, made the biggest dent in my credit repair.                                      ,
      .                                                                   .
      Use all of the resources available to you for disputes. I filed disputes and complaints with the CFPB, BBB, TX AG, AG of the home state for businesses, state regulatory boards, etc. in addition to regular disputes.                   .
      .                                                            .                                         . 
      Work on a real strategy and don't app on impulse. I was able to avoid toy card hell and build a solid profile from the ground up by adding cards in tiers, when I could step up in quality and limits. Once I was in with prime issuers, I worked on strategies for combining limits. Strategy should also include a rewards strategy. All of the cards I've added were for a good reason, not because I heard the signup bonus is good. I have plans on how to use the bonuses.                          .
      .                                                         .                                               .
      This is definitely a marathon and not a sprint. For those of us that have lived with long term negatives stuck to reports, it can be overwhelming at times. If you rebuild properly though, you can get in with prime issuers with scores in the 600s AND get decent limits if you build your profile well enough. Time heals everything, so you just need to stay focused and on track.                        .
      .                                                       .                                                    .
      I know this is a long read, but it had been a long time getting to where I am as of this morning.                                               .
      .                                                        .                                    .
    • By jayfran
      Hello All. I hope I am posting in the right section, I've been reading the rules. But let's hope straight to my inquiry. I recently ran my CR and noticed a Collections Account was placed there in 12/2017. Now, I can recall this company, however, there is a backstory to this. I was a partner at an LLC in the state of OH. I can not recall ever giving them my SSN as its a business and I had access to the EIN and I left the company and state well over a year or so ago. I thought I performed my due diligence, I made sure to remove my name from the licenses and even filed an amendment with the secretary of state at the end of 2017 just as a precaution to basically say "Hey I'm no longer involved with this company, all business matters will should be referred to the current registered agent on file". I even have a notarized purchase agreement for my own personal records just in case of any legal actions that may arise from my tenure there. My question is what is the best method for removing this from this derogatory mark from my CR, its currently only reporting to one CRA, EQFX, but it's affecting my score by over 100+ pts. Should I file a dispute with the CRA, do a DV or try the Pay for Delete method? I am not sure, I am a newbie that just looking for the best solution out of this. My other scores are EQ 760 and TU 756. I have posted a screenshot of mentioned account. Any recommendations, help, advice, and guidance is appreciated.

    • By bloodshot1986
      Hello everyone,
      my wife and I are looking to finalize some last minute strategy before we pull her credit to try to obtain a mortgage and get the highest possible score boost.  In order to grow her score the past several years I added her to some of my oldest and/or highest limit cards as an AU, but I do have a few balances albeit with very friendly balance transfer rates.  In the meantime we've been solely attacking the cards that are in her name only.  Here's what her report showed on her most recent pull
      (696 EQ middle score, TU was 702, EXP was 685):
      Amex BCE                            242  / 3000        8.1%     *PIF, this will report as 0 balance on 7/17/18
      Amex Everday                        0  / 1000             0%
      Wells Fargo Visa                    49 / 8500          0.6%     *PIF, this will report as 0 balance on 7/16/18
      Capital One Platinum             0  / 3500             0%
      Chase Slate                            0  / 6500             0%
      Chase Freedom                      0  / 500              0%
      Discover                                 0 / 2200             0%
      Victoria Secret                        0 / 6000             0%
      Dress Barn                             0 / 1570             0%
      Citi Simplicity                    1558 / 3300       47.2%     *currently 0% interest, will report next on 7/21/18
      FNBO                         9350 / 30000           31.2%  (AU)
      Amex BCP                  3000 / 33000             9.1% (AU)
      BofA                           6129 / 13200           46.4% (AU)
      citi diamond                     0 / 14700                0%  (AU)
      kohls                               0 / 1500                   0%  (AU)
      Our main question: would the 2 dollar trick work if we use it on the citi simplicity card and only pay 1556, assuming we pull again after 7/21 and let BCE and WF Visa report as zero by that time?  Or will this not work because other balances are being carried elsewhere, even though they are on the AU accounts which are only my financial responsibility?  please note I am not applying for the mortgage, it will only be in her name.
      Pretty sure we'll crack 700 middle score either way, but we're really hoping to hit 720+ for various extra advantages in the mortgage application process.  Any input or experience in a similar situation would be greatly appreciated. 
      Thank you all for your help over the years, we have come a long way and are very close to landing the home of our dreams.  We could not have done it without you.

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