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Help! My new credit line disappeared from EQ!

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Hi all.   I applied for the unsecured Discover IT - as I read that they pulled Equifax (my highest at 658).  Foolish mistake on my part -- because I would have been okay with secured, although I would not choose Discover for secured.  Of course, they pulled Experian (my worst at 545) .  I am down to two,  albeit,  one big baddie - a 2016 charge off ($3600) by GM, but have opened only one new credit line - in years -- so really need to get that going as well. Up until around three months ago, I had no inquiries on my reports.

I made the mistake of going to an auto lease broker - didn't realize that in addition to the scores he pulls,   car manufacturers separately pull scores as well.  I wound up with four total inquiries.  A few weeks later,  I opened a line (secured loan) with my credit union, and my scores went up - Equifax in particular.  I realized that I really needed to open more lines ...so I figured I would try Discover. Rejected.  So...I now have five inquires on my reports - and no card - secured or otherwise.

My question :  I would like to apply for the Cap One Secured (not taking any chances), but that will mean yet another inquiry.  Should I wait before I apply for the card?  If so, how long? I realize that the benefits of adding the credit line may outweigh the risk of another inquiry, but not sure about this.  Any thoughts, suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.


PS - Preapprovals from Cap One online and via mail - for Quicksilver....but even so, I'm  reluctant to apply - don't want to take another chance.

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inquiries don't matter.


a couple of secured cards sound like a plan.


a lot depends on why your scores are so low.


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Inquiries were invented so people could get credit.  Without them it's just a bunch of credit data sitting on a server.

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OP's post looks copied and pasted from this thread for whatever reason, but with a new title that makes no sense... RIF


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