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wow thats a toy limit with a decent score congrats I guess this card truly sucks and I can say that cause I have it with a 450 limit and my scores were maybe 100 points lower when I applied

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Applied with them on 7/10/2018 Experian 732 approve 500
What made you apply with them with a score of 732? Are there any other cards that you were interested in? What are your major spending categories?

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I wish people would read the boards first before making decisions to apply for cards from Chocolate Goodness banks. 


Not only is it a wasted inquiry for a toy limit, but now OP has this stain on his report for a decade. 

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I had them a while back - two cards at 800 CL each. I got the AF fee waived on both. 


Closed them as fast as I could. No decent non-subprime will want to work with you if they see CreditOne on your credit reports. They are bad news, sub-prime and a total rip off when it comes to their payment schedules, fees, etc.


They will CHARGE YOU for CLI's.  


Dump them as fast as you can. Find a better card. For 700's you have many options. 


Welcome to CB!

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I got a $300 limit on an unsecured card, because I'm trying to rebuild and had no options. At 700+ you should be able to get a 5k-10k limit on your choice of cards I would think.



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      Folks, you have 2 choices:  You can either sit there wondering why other people have what they have and can do what they can do, while you don't and can't, OR you can learn how to get what they have.  I chose the latter.  
      Here's my testimony:  10 months ago, my credit was so bad and scores were so low, I couldn't even borrow from myself (joke).  I watched my brother fix up his and his wife's credit 15 years ago. Since then, they bought 2 homes, 1 in Baltimore and 1 in Pittsburgh.  He was telling me that he was at the point where he could walk into any dealership and walk out with a new car, just like that, with no money down.  I admit, I was kinda jealous of that.  ME ON THE OTHER HAND, I remember one time coming home from driving over the road and trying to rent a car (with cash) for the weekend, and I couldn't because they required a credit card, which nobody in their right mind would ever give me.  I was actually delusional enough to apply for a credit card.  I'm surprised they didn't call the cops on me! 😂 I remember having to pay a huge deposit just to get a cell phone.
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      Hello all I am a newbie to this , just started on 6/14/18. pulled d and b and Experian and found I had 3 lines on d and b. with a 65 paydex score. So with that I started reading and reviewing videos on you tube and found some of my approvals are listed.:
      Uline -100, Quill -200, Grainger -1000, sns 1000,  Supply works -1000, Sprint 12 lines no deposit, Amazon 3500.00 net 55, TBC-750 temp credit and rest under review, local Bookstore  -$500 does not report, Quiktrip Wex-$4000 gas card, Fleet cor _$500 with a 200 deposit (not sure yet) , Menard pending, Hertz pending, BP pending. They are all slow reporting.  I got these all first round probably the trade lines helped. 10 years in business, 800 number, 411 listing, website, good standing with State ,etc

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