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Annoying intrusive Google Play popups

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Since Google Play updated itself last week (despite auto update being off), it auto-starts intermittently -- like several times an hour, sometimes more often, and displays an ad for an app in development. Takes over the whole screen. Anyone else?


Not one of these are useful or remotely of interest to me. Is there a setting or app or something to make this stop? I'm ready to throw this Samsung Note 8 out the window with aggravation. HELP. ME. PLEASE.


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I had a problem with notifications, had to go into the settings and turn off notifications on an app by app basis. However, this sounds like maybe one of the apps you've downloaded has adware in it. 

One of the things these guys do, when they have a successful app, but no one wants to pay for it, is sell it to someone else. Often the new owner has purchased the app for the sole purpose of making money by running ads on unsuspecting consumers devices.

The first thing I would do is search for posts or comments about each of the latest apps that had updated. If it affected you, it has affected others, often people with a lot of technical knowledge who can tell you what to do to get rid of it.

If a search doesn't work, go through and turn each one of them off, one at a time. Eventually you will find the offending app. because after you turn it off, the ads will stop.

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Well, I did what you suggested, even going so far as to turn off notifications entirely. I didn't think it was a notifications issue from the way the ads were coming up...it seemed like it was actually starting Google Play store (GPS). And this all started immediately after GPS auto updated. In the end, nothing works except disabling GPS. If I only uninstall it, it auto-reinstalls and shows the ads.

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