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Dealing with Navient

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Hey CB, newbie here. I have been reworking my credit profile for 3 months. Got my TU score up to 668 from 590. My Ex is holding at 600 and my Eq is at 587.


Ive disputed several things with the CBs. Name, address, social, inquiries, and have all my collections but Progressive come off (i am going to have to pay that $134, no getting around it)(hopefully a good score increase from that).


I have Navient CO; DOFD - dec 2011

Nfcu visa maxed out (currently trying to pay this down)(simulator says score EX will go up over 100 pts if i pay down 1500 of the 10k owed)

1 Collection. $134 Progressive

EX only Acceptance Now Charge off $1511 (scheduled To fall off oct 2020)



TU removed NAVIENT almost 2 months ago thanks to my dispute letters (i guess or maybe it was time to fall off). and have sent those same letter as well as the TU letter stating “investigation complete dispute results”. So on my credit report, Navients’ DOFD is December 2011. Disputing with the same info i sent TU, both have come back and basically said “we verify the info is complete” blah blah. I called up to Ex and was told that they would come off on Sep 8, asked for early deletion, no dice, that was end of June.


Wondering if i should wait til then or should i try another method with EX? What should i do with EQ, score dropped because Navient now randomly has increased balances on these CO accts?!


When should i go for deletion with EQ and EX??



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