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Capital One CLI's


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I would appreciate some help on improving my chances for CLI's with Capital One. I have read on some various boards that Cap One is usually very stingy when granting CLI's.

Quick background, while rebuilding my credit, I was approved for a $300 Cap One Quicksilver One about a year a half ago. Six months later I was approved for a Cap One Platinum, also $300. Both were part of the credit steps program. I have my first card now up to a CLI of $850, the other card is at $750.

Outside of the graduation CLI after 5 successfully payments on each, Cap One has not reviewed my cards for higher CLI's. The increases have come by requesting a CLI online. The increase that I've gotten is usually just $100 and then I am forced to wait another 6 months before requested another increase.

I am wondering if the way I use the cards/payments made is affecting my ability to get higher CLI's?

I use both cards all the time since they are cashback cards. I would say each month I am getting my utilization on each card over 75%, however I am usually paying the balance down immediately throughout the month. Before my CC statement cuts on a particular card, I will either have a balance of 0, or is some cases I might have say a $20-30 dollar balance and then just make that payment and then resume using the card.

I am curious if perhaps I am raising a red flag by using too much of my credit line before paying it down? Or if I should always be leaving a small balance on when my statement cuts, rather than getting my balance down to zero beforehand.

Or maybe I am doing nothing wrong, it's just that Cap One is stingy with CLI's.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

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Capital One's cards that are approved when one's profile are subprime have very limited growth potential.

They can be good starter cards, but as your credit profile improves they will NOT grow with it.

I have almost $900,000 in revolving credit, but my subprime Capital One card has only grown to $17,000 in seven years and as many CLIs.

If I applied for a new Capital One card now I'd surely get an adult limit, but the paradox with Capital One is that by the time you have great credit none of their cards are worth having any more.

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Scores still aren't that great. Around 650 for TU and Equifax at 660.

Payment history is excellent on my Cap 1 cards and usually it is only reporting at 0-3% utilization between the 2 cards. I had read that one thing that was affecting my score was total available credit, since my two Cap 1 cards only have $1600 combine credit line.

So I recently applied and was approved for a Wayfair.com credit card (CL $3500). Thought my current scores would give me a decent chance at a somewhat higher limit CC, so I also just recently applied for a Discover IT card and was immediately approved, however only for a $500 CL.

It doesn't seem like it would be worth it to apply for any other cards, as I would probably be looking at low starting lines.


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My spouse called for the same request, but was unable to combine the two, since one of the accounts was under 6 mos.   Apparently, you can do this action on your own through your account.  If you want to opt for a product change,  contact Cap1, determine eligibility and possibly get a CLI in one shot.  

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The last post in this topic was posted 1297 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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    • By silentjc
      Finally posting on this forum after gawking for a while. 🙂
      I've been working on my credit repair the last couple of years and am kind of at that point where I'm not sure if there is anything else I can do but wait it out.
      Had a medical issue back in 2016 / 17 which contributed to somewhere around 12 account charge-offs and a car repossession. Over the past year and a half, I've been aggressively paying the accounts off (all are at zero balance, settled), disputed as many as I could (several fell off, am doing another round this month), opened five rebuilder / secured / sub prime cards starting two years ago (Citi Secured, Self Secured, Cap 1 Secured, Cap 1 Unsecured, Credit One Unsecured), did the Self Lending self loan (like 6 months left on that one), Experian Boost, have had a high interest car loan the last two years, am about to replace it with a newer car loan at a lower rate, and obviously keep cards paid off every month and paid on time (*accidentally had a 30 day late when I was changing banks and forgot to update the account that was on autopay). 
      Looks like stuff starts aging off in 2023 and 2025. Scores went from the low 500s to 696 Trans, 712 Equifax, 625 Experian.
      The problem I'm having is that even with everything settled, zero balances, and "good" scores," I'm still in purgatory when it comes to getting an actual decent points card. Capital One gave me an unsecured one a few months ago, but it's a $300 limit on a non rewards card. And since I already have two cards with them (one which is my oldest card now), even though their my "best bet" in the nearterm for a better card, i'm at their card limit. 
      Goal Cards in the future are Chase Sapphire, AMEX Blue, AMEX Gold, and Citi Premier. 
      Current plan is to just keep sending dispute rounds every few months, keep balances at zero, not apply for anything new at least until early 2022. 
      Is there anything I'm missing? Anything I can do sooner to help compensate for the scars from the past on my credit report?
    • By BigSpenderBigSaver
      Hello all. The title says just about everything. Is it known whether or not AMEX holds closed accounts against you when opening new ones?
      I had three (3) AMEX accounts, none of them were Gold. I entered all three in a DMP (I wanted to keep one open, but the DMP told me not to or else lenders may not accept the plan). I just paid off all three well ahead of the end of the DMP end date. To my knowledge, I have not be subject to an F/R.
      FICO scores as follows:
      EX 713
      TU 717
      EQ 701
      I was approved for the CSP yesterday (7/23/21) so I will have a new account lowering my AAoA. I not looking to apply for the AMEX Gold for a few months (depending on your feedback).
      Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    • By californiadreamin
      I haven’t logged on in a bit, but I’ve been gardening and bringing up my score after my BK discharge in 2019. I applied for a Lowe’s account and got a 7-10 day message with a reference number. I noticed that my credit was not pulled. When I called them, the overseas customer service rep transferred me back to a stateside fraud analyst. They made me go through some website to record myself for five seconds and the take pictures of my drivers license. After that, the verification website instructed me to call in with a passcode. I called back in and the woman put me on hold. While on hold, I got notification that my credit was pulled and then she comes back on the line and says “Congratulations” and provided me with my credit limit. I forgot the exact amount, but it has a weird limit ending that ended in 37. It was under 5k and was something like $4,537 or $4,837. I was thrown off by the last two number as I’m used to it being 00. 
      1) Has anyone gotten a seemingly random credit limit with Lowe’s (Synchrony)?
      2) Has anyone gone through that verification process before?
      it’s been about 18 months since I applied for a credit card and this is my first store card (other than Kohl’s since I shop there for work clothes). Feeling out of the loop all of a sudden. Lol
    • By MBgratitude
      Does anyone know either by experience or with a good degree of certainty if American Express (AMEX) will decline card membership if you have ever filed bankruptcy against them? I have read somewhere that they keep a permanent “barred from membership list”.
      Is this right, no. However, as you probably know a financial institution may choose to do business with whomever they choose (a rather broad definition). I have read that even if an American Express account has been fully-discharged by a successfully complete bankruptcy case, they will no longer choose to do business with you.
      The reason I am asking is twenty years ago, I listed them as a creditor in my Chapter 7 bankruptcy case. I would like to apply for membership in the future when my current FICO is a bit stronger. However, I do not want to burn a hard-inquiry only for it to be declined.
      I apologize if I am not posting in the correct area. Thank you.
    • By c0moneyman
      Wassup y’all, I went through a rough patch in my life when I was 18 and overcharged the freak out of a kohls charge card and it went into collections. I paid it off and now i’m thinking🤔, how can i get that removed off my report since i paid it off. I know i should’ve tried to write a letter to them saying if i pay it off they’ll knock it off my credit but i wasn’t thinking back then. Is it to late to contact them and ask to get it removed if possible? Im not tryna wait 7 years i’m trying to get a house next year y’all.

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