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Capital One CLI's


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I would appreciate some help on improving my chances for CLI's with Capital One. I have read on some various boards that Cap One is usually very stingy when granting CLI's.

Quick background, while rebuilding my credit, I was approved for a $300 Cap One Quicksilver One about a year a half ago. Six months later I was approved for a Cap One Platinum, also $300. Both were part of the credit steps program. I have my first card now up to a CLI of $850, the other card is at $750.

Outside of the graduation CLI after 5 successfully payments on each, Cap One has not reviewed my cards for higher CLI's. The increases have come by requesting a CLI online. The increase that I've gotten is usually just $100 and then I am forced to wait another 6 months before requested another increase.

I am wondering if the way I use the cards/payments made is affecting my ability to get higher CLI's?

I use both cards all the time since they are cashback cards. I would say each month I am getting my utilization on each card over 75%, however I am usually paying the balance down immediately throughout the month. Before my CC statement cuts on a particular card, I will either have a balance of 0, or is some cases I might have say a $20-30 dollar balance and then just make that payment and then resume using the card.

I am curious if perhaps I am raising a red flag by using too much of my credit line before paying it down? Or if I should always be leaving a small balance on when my statement cuts, rather than getting my balance down to zero beforehand.

Or maybe I am doing nothing wrong, it's just that Cap One is stingy with CLI's.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

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Capital One's cards that are approved when one's profile are subprime have very limited growth potential.

They can be good starter cards, but as your credit profile improves they will NOT grow with it.

I have almost $900,000 in revolving credit, but my subprime Capital One card has only grown to $17,000 in seven years and as many CLIs.

If I applied for a new Capital One card now I'd surely get an adult limit, but the paradox with Capital One is that by the time you have great credit none of their cards are worth having any more.

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Scores still aren't that great. Around 650 for TU and Equifax at 660.

Payment history is excellent on my Cap 1 cards and usually it is only reporting at 0-3% utilization between the 2 cards. I had read that one thing that was affecting my score was total available credit, since my two Cap 1 cards only have $1600 combine credit line.

So I recently applied and was approved for a Wayfair.com credit card (CL $3500). Thought my current scores would give me a decent chance at a somewhat higher limit CC, so I also just recently applied for a Discover IT card and was immediately approved, however only for a $500 CL.

It doesn't seem like it would be worth it to apply for any other cards, as I would probably be looking at low starting lines.


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My spouse called for the same request, but was unable to combine the two, since one of the accounts was under 6 mos.   Apparently, you can do this action on your own through your account.  If you want to opt for a product change,  contact Cap1, determine eligibility and possibly get a CLI in one shot.  

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The last post in this topic was posted 1986 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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